Shynian Intelligence Team and Timeline

It occurs to me that I should probably workout some sort of timeline for my characters, especially now that I’m building up the other intelligence teams. This is how things stand now… it’s subject to change as I continue to build this world.

2302 SY – Bertram and Keenan are partners in Shynian Intelligence; about this same time, Keenan is elected as the Sovereign Prince of Shynia

2304 SY – Shynian Intelligence begins the experimental Intelligence Team, staring with the Team Alpha: Keenan, Bertram, Trenton, Markan Kelson, Jewel Farglen and Michael Summers are the initial six teammembers.

2305 SY – SI decides the experiment is working and splits the now-ungainly Team Alpha in half. Keenan keeps Michael and Jewel. Bertram – now leading the Team Beta – takes Trenton and Marken. Joining Keenan are Harmony, Llewellyn and Noelle Hamlet. Joining Bertram are Rowan, Nicco Niclin and Winston Summerfield.

2307 SY – Chris Starbright and Devin Treehollow take Ezra Pemberton and Winnie Tanner into custody, convincing both of them to defect to SI. In the same year, the Team Gamma is formed, with Chrislyn Travis at the helm. Soon after, Team Delta is formed, led by Aidan Brennen. Both teams are composed solely of undercover agents and, for the first time, are given specialized tasks in the Agency.

2310 SY – Chris Starbright and Winnie Tanner are married. Four teams are formed in this year. Epsilon, under the leadership of Rory Morley; Zeta, led by Amon Sorley and Eta, with Shinta Kawamura at its helm, are announced at a banquet. During that banquet, the Director in charge of the Shynian Intelligence Teams, Keith Urban, is found murdered. His replacement Nathan Haruko, forms Team Theta, led by Tiana Hartfield, to investigate both the murder and rumors of misconduct on the teams.

2311 SY – When Director Haruko is certain that everyone is behaving within the guidelines of the Agency, he allows the formation of four more teams. Teams Iota and Mu help the Agency achieve its goal of having an intelligence team assigned to each region of Shynia. Teams Kappa and Lambda are special undercover teams, each team of six is broken into pairs, which act as representatives of the Shynian government to all their allies.

2312 SY – SI reorganizes the teams, expanding the number to thirteen with formation of Team Nu. Ezra, Winston and Winnie are transferred to Team Gamma. Trenton is given command of Team Nu, taking Rowan and Nicco with him. Keenan is reassigned as the Head of Shynian Intelligence and command of Team Alpha is given to Chris Starbright.

2317 SY (approximately 2009 AD) – Team Xi is formed under the guise of a musical competition (rather like American Idol). This brings us to the current layout of the intelligence teams.

Team Alpha – assigned to southwestern Shynia, led by Chris Starbright (previously Keenan Meadows)
Team Beta – assigned to Equisetia (in The Point), led by Bertram Silverwebb
Team Gamma – undercover team; organized crime taskforce; led by Chrislyn Travis
Team Delta – undercover team; black market taskforce; led by Aidan Brennan
Team Epsilon – assigned to Cygma; led by Rory Morley
Team Zeta – assigned to northwestern Shynia; led by Amon Sorley
Team Eta – Enforcer team; led by Shinta Kawamura
Team Theta – Administration team; led by Tiana Hartfield
Team Iota – assigned to northeastern Shynia; led by Amiera Sakaki
Team Kappa – Special undercover team; no official team leader; members report to the Head of Shynian Intelligence
Team Lambda – Special undercover team; no official team leader; members report to the Head of Shynian Intelligence
Team Mu – assigned to southeastern Shynia; led by Corbett Terakado
Team Nu – assigned to the Comras Region of Kaigan; led by Trenton Lark
Team Xi – Special undercover team; travels; led by Kevin Samuels

Team Xi was created by my sister. Their stories appear on her blog in the, “The Music of the Heart” series.

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