This scene was inspired by “The Concrete Overcoat Affair” in the third season of The Man from UNCLE.


At first, Illya wasn’t sure what to expect when he was brought to see the defenses that Thrush had set up around the island.  Given his treatment so far, what made Strago think that he might care how the island was defended?

He frowned slightly as he peered into the telescope.  He saw the little speedboat racing towards the island.  Then, his blood ran cold.  It could only be one person manning those controls.  He tensed as the defenses were activated.  His heart plummeted as the boat exploded.  Could anyone could survive that?  He prayed that Napoleon’s infamous luck held.


Continuing yesterday’s story…


Illya was sitting, rather dejectedly, on the bottom of the bubble.  Napoleon had tried everything to break him out.  Bullets had bounced off, nearly killing him.  A knife had glanced harmlessly off the side.  Finally, he had just taken Illya – inside the bubble – back to UNCLE headquarters.  The scientists there hadn’t had any better luck.

“I’ll starve to death in a bubble,” he said, miserably.

Napoleon heaved a sigh.  “Thrush must have had a way to burst it,” he argued.

“They’ve tried everything, but…” Illya trailed off.  “Harmonics?  Could it be that easy?”

“Sound shattered your glasses…”

“It might work.”


This is a little story that I’ve started, told in drabbles (so far).  Thrush always seems to come up with insane traps and this just seemed like something they might do…


Thrush was an odd bunch.  Illya had decided that long ago.  Attacks with exploding milk, bread or apples were a clue to that.  This trap, however, took the cake!

He frowned at the barrier.  He pounded a fist against it, causing it to ring like a bell.  He pressed against it and the bubble rolled forward.  He tumbled head over heels, until the bubble came to rest in a corner of the room.

He looked up as Napoleon stepped into the room.  “Help?”

Napoleon blinked at him and then frowned.  Heaving a sigh, he asked, “How do I do that?”


When I saw this prompt, I immediately thought of the character from “The Cherry Blossom Affair” on The Man from UNCLE.


Illya had to wonder about Mr. Waverly.  How was he able to scoop lovely young women away from Napoleon so easily?  What was it about his offer that had Cricket so interested that she’d forget his friend?  Perhaps she thought she could come and work for UNCLE.  They did make movies in the Propaganda section, didn’t they?

He offered to hear Napoleon’s story, mostly to get a rise out of his friend.  Then, he moved to his feet.  “He’s a married man and he flirts as badly as you,” he said, blandly.

“But… Cricket,” Napoleon said, sadly.

Illya just shrugged.


Just a random little drabble about the changing seasons, from Illya’s point of view.


Illya made his way slowly through the park.  He smiled as the wind ruffled through his hair.  It shook leaves from the trees to scatter them on the pavement.  Some swirled around, passing his feet as he walked.

He knew that some people didn’t like the end of summer.  However, he saw it coming with eager anticipation.  He already needed a light coat in the mornings and evenings.  The leaves were turning from green to gold and red.  He knew what that meant and he couldn’t help but smile.

After the leaves had fallen, there would be snow as well.


I had to post this… it’s a follow-up to yesterday’s apple.  Again, it’s a drabble featuring the characters from The Man From UNCLE.


“It’s in the boot,” Illya said, his voice soft.

Napoleon frowned at him.  “What boot?” he asked, shaking his head.

Illya turned to his partner with a scowl.  “Is this because of the apple thing, Napoleon?” he asked, his voice faint.  “I wasn’t myself then!  I’d lost blood!  I explained that!”

Napoleon shook his head briskly.  “No, no, no,” he said.  “I’m honestly confused by what boot you mean.”

“The car boot?”

For a moment, Napoleon just frowned at him.  When Illya pointed towards the back of the car, his eyes widened.  “Oh, you mean the trunk!”

“Yes, the trunk.”


My drabble for today… I have to confess, I had a lot of fun with it.  I’ve seen (some on the show, some in other fanfic) Illya act confused about idioms, but I think he’s probably just yanking Napoleon’s chain most of the time.


“All right,” Illya said, sitting in the grass.  “Usually, I just pretend to not understand the idioms you use.”

“I suspected as much,” Napoleon admitted.

Shrugging with one shoulder, Illya said, “This time, I’ll confess… I’m genuinely confused.”  When Napoleon nodded, he shook his head.  “What apples?”

Chuckling, Napoleon said, “It’s a figure of speech.”

“I know that!”

“I was taunting them,” Napoleon said, shrugging.  “We can’t even walk out of here, but we destroyed their base and sent them running for the hills!”

“How do you like those apples?”


Illya shook his head.  “What apples?”

“I was gloating!”


This is a little drabble that was inspired by what happened in “The It’s All Greek to Me Affair” on The Man from UNCLE.


Illya could hardly believe that he had actually been forced to call Mr. Waverly.  As if it weren’t bad enough that he’d failed in his mission – that the code had been stolen.  As if he weren’t embarrassed to have gotten it back, only to lose it again.  Now, he was being held for ransom by a bandit!

Mr. Waverly didn’t seem the least bit interested in giving Stavros the money he was asking for.  It wasn’t such a large amount.  It was just that Illya should be able to escape.  Which might have been true… until Stavros had heard it.


This drabble was inspired by an episode of The Man from UNCLE, “The Round Table Affair.”  I couldn’t imagine it being all that often the boys got to see knights in armor fighting…


“Did you honestly expect him to win?”

“I hoped he would,” Napoleon said.  He frowned at Illya.  “The way you’re asking that… I’m guessing that you didn’t think he would.”

Illya heaved a sigh, shaking his head.  “I was confident that we could make certain it was a fair fight,” he said.  Grimacing, he added, “Still, I wasn’t so sure that he’d be able to fight well enough to best his opponent.”

“Neither of them really knew what they were doing,” Napoleon pointed out.  He shrugged.  “Mr. King had an excellent reason to succeed.  Maybe that made a difference.”



This drabble is sort of a missing scene from “The Thor Affair” of The Man from UNCLE.


Illya’s head hurt.  As if being captured by amateurs wasn’t bad enough.  They’d been strung up by their ankles.

He had to wonder why Thor hadn’t killed them.  After all, they knew what Thor was planning and what he’d already done: the earlier assassination attempt and the good doctor’s untimely death.  They knew these things.  Thor could hardly release them, even if he succeeded.  So then, what was he planning?

“The sun’s coming up,” Napoleon murmured.  “It’ll be light pretty soon.”

Illya heaved a sigh.  Thor’s plans for them didn’t matter.  Not when they knew what he was planning for Nadi.

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