The Pack in the Snow

A little scene inspired by an image prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Peter-MatthewMatthew had never really cared for the winter.  Some people loved the cold weather.  He knew that Samuel was always just glad that his allergies would take a break for a while.  For him, the change in the weather simply meant three months of being cold and miserable.

So it was, his first winter as a werewolf that he was shocked.  Even as he followed the other members of the small pack through the trees, he was warm.  He was shocked.  He was confused.  However, he was also really pleased.  Everything smelled fresh and clean.  He actually liked the feel of the snow under his paws.

He caught the scent of some small furry creature and nosed at it.  A moment later, Peter was sniffing the snow for it as well.  Samuel’s bark drew the beta’s attention away from the prospect of prey, but Matthew was determined to at least figure out what they’d found.

A moment later, Samuel had loped up beside him and nuzzled his side.  “It’s just a rodent,” Samuel told him, his ears pinning.  “It wouldn’t be more than a bite, love.”

Matthew looked up from the snow and then his tongue lolled out in a wolfish laugh.  “Sharpclaw’s got snow on his nose,” he said.  He bounced towards the beta and tilted his head.  “Did you know?”

Peter snuffled and shook his head, knocking the snow free.  “Pay attention, Sweet,” he said, before heading off through the woods once again.

Samuel nuzzled against his side one last time, before they set off once again.  They had quite a distance to go before it got fully light and they retook their human forms.

A Price to Pay

This little scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (ransom) and an idea I had for a story…


Samuel frowned at the iron bars that separated him from Matthew.  Tobias was curled up on his cot, sleeping.  In the cell with Matthew, Bartholomew was pacing.  “This is… totally not right,” he was saying as he strode towards one wall.  Reaching it, he turned and strode back the other way.  “It’s just wrong!  We’ve not done anyone any harm.”

“Try not to let it get to you, Silentstep,” Samuel said, his voice soft.  “They’ll let us go… eventually.”

“When?” Matthew said, arching his brows.  He shook his head.  “They’ve gotten all our information – names, ages, how we became werewolves…”  He held up his hands in a gesture of confusion.  “What more could they want from us?”

“Money,” Peter said from across the corridor.

Samuel sent him a wry smile.  Peter was the cynical sort, but he was also probably right to some degree.  The promise of money would probably expedite their release.  He looked over at Matthew and shook his head.  “The point of this enforced registration was to make certain they had all the troublemakers in custody.  Once they’ve satisfied themselves that none of us has hurt anyone, they’ll let us go.”

“Money would probably speed things up, though,” Peter said, crossing his arms over his chest.  He met Samuel’s eyes and smirked.  “Am I wrong, Alpha?”

“Probably not,” Samuel said.  Then, he raised his hands in defeat.  “Our pack lives in a cave, though.  We haven’t money to pay a ransom of any kind, let alone enough to secure the release of the entire pack.”