The Pack in the Snow

A little scene inspired by an image prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Peter-MatthewMatthew had never really cared for the winter.  Some people loved the cold weather.  He knew that Samuel was always just glad that his allergies would take a break for a while.  For him, the change in the weather simply meant three months of being cold and miserable.

So it was, his first winter as a werewolf that he was shocked.  Even as he followed the other members of the small pack through the trees, he was warm.  He was shocked.  He was confused.  However, he was also really pleased.  Everything smelled fresh and clean.  He actually liked the feel of the snow under his paws.

He caught the scent of some small furry creature and nosed at it.  A moment later, Peter was sniffing the snow for it as well.  Samuel’s bark drew the beta’s attention away from the prospect of prey, but Matthew was determined to at least figure out what they’d found.

A moment later, Samuel had loped up beside him and nuzzled his side.  “It’s just a rodent,” Samuel told him, his ears pinning.  “It wouldn’t be more than a bite, love.”

Matthew looked up from the snow and then his tongue lolled out in a wolfish laugh.  “Sharpclaw’s got snow on his nose,” he said.  He bounced towards the beta and tilted his head.  “Did you know?”

Peter snuffled and shook his head, knocking the snow free.  “Pay attention, Sweet,” he said, before heading off through the woods once again.

Samuel nuzzled against his side one last time, before they set off once again.  They had quite a distance to go before it got fully light and they retook their human forms.

Invaders From Another Space and Time

Genre stretch story for the month… Alien Invasion!  It was fun getting this to fit with the rest of the story.  Actually, the story is now complete.  I might end up using the rest of the genre stretch challenges to fill in the story a bit… or I might use them to start something entirely new.


He could hardly believe his luck.  Things were going so much better than he could have ever anticipated.  Not only did the chief of the peacekeepers believe that Pemberton was responsible for the murders, the werewolf was being implicated.  By the time he was through, both of them would be off the force.  Without work to keep him there, the werewolf would return to where he’d come from.  Perhaps the other interloper would leave as well.  Alternatively, he might be arrested and his powers bound.

Yes, all in all, things were going well.  He settled back to plan his next move, even as he awaited news that the two fugitives had been apprehended.  A loud crash sounded through the warehouse and he moved to his feet.  A part of him was screaming at him to leave.  However, he couldn’t help but wonder: just what could that possibly be?


A Tall Tale

So… he’s my answer to the genre challenge for last month.  The challenge was to write a tall tale.  So, here’s Ezra’s somewhat exaggerated version of how things went down between them and the person behind all of the mess they’ve faced so far.  There’s a spoiler, since this is the second to last chapter of the story.


The chief looked from one man to the other and scowled.  “So,” he said, crossing his arms across his back, “I want you to tell me exactly what happened.”

Lachlan and Ezra exchanged a look.  Lachlan shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.  “I’m no good at telling stories,” he said, smirking.  “I’ll leave such things to yourself, partner.”

A broad smile spread across Ezra’s face and he leaned back in the chair.  “Well, let me tell you what happened, sir,” he said.

Lachlan couldn’t help but smile at his partner.  He looked like a storyteller preparing to spin the most fantastic yarn for a group of eager onlookers.  The chief must have gotten the same impression, for he sighed and rested his chin on a balled fist, frowning darkly.


Cannon Thumps

This story is both my attempt at July’s genre stretch (Regency) and an answer to a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (the title).  It’s the last chapter of my Genre Stretch story – set after all the action has ended and things are starting to go back to normal.


With the successful completion of the case, Lachlan and Ezra were both given some time off.  The captain told them that it was because they deserved a break.  Lachlan wondered if it was more to give everyone else a break from them.  After all, there had been quite the shakeup among the peacekeepers.  It wouldn’t ever be quite the same for anyone.

Ezra had taken his young daughter and headed to the south of France for a beach-side holiday.  Lachlan, however, had other ideas of what was relaxing.  He left London for the Highlands of Scotland that had been his home for so long.  It was good to be among the pack again.  After all, they were his family.  Even if he was ready to start a new path, they would always have a special place in his heart.

Actually, Lachlan was glad to get away from the city.  The mountains were quieter and things seemed to move at an easier pace.  It was, as their captain had said, a chance to relax.  So far from London, he was also away from the memories of what was probably the troublesome case of his career so far.  Of course, his career hadn’t been very long yet.  Hopefully, it would come to be the most troublesome case he’d ever have to face.


One Is Enough

This little snippet was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s not great, but I think it shows the personalities of the characters perfectly.


9675ed201eefba6c24e537008c2cfb42Lyall scowled at the image.  It showed every different edition of Batman from the various television shows and movies.  He grimaced and then looked at Henry and Orion.  As he looked back at the image, he began chuckling softly and shaking his head.

“What’s so funny?” Henry asked, frowning at the image.

Stifling his laughter, Lyall ducked his head.  “I just was imagining if there were that many… Orions,” he said, shrugging.  He gave Henry a sidelong glance.  “Can you imagine the mischief?”

“He causes plenty enough mischief all by himself, I think,” Henry said, shaking his head.  “That many Orions would push Professor Lindsey right over the edge!”

“Some friends you are,” Orion groused.  He scowled at the picture and then grinned.  “Just one other might be fun, though.”

Stars of the Sea

This little vignette was inspired by a photo prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  I don’t know if starfish live in France… right now, I also don’t care.


d5d5ee08481f1b8acc4d8546d399533eEzra was glad for the break that the weekend allowed. It was also glad that things were so much closer in Europe than they were back in the States. It meant that, when he wanted to, he could take his daughter to the continent, even to places in the south of France where it was far warmer than in England.

He sat on the beach and watched her swim the shallows with other children that were near her own age. He couldn’t help but smile when she came bounding up the sand to him.

“Daddy,” she said, dropping to her knees beside his chair. “Do we have a camera that can go in the water?”

Shaking his head, he said, “I don’t believe so, darling. Why do you ask?”

He laughed when she caught his hand and tried to pull him out of the chair. As he let her drag him back the way she’d come, she said, “You’ve got see it, Daddy! There are stars in the water!” She released him to bound towards the waves again. “They live on the bottom!”

“Starfish,” Ezra said, nodding in agreement. He could tell her more about them than she’d probably understand. However, at the moment, he was content to simply let her tell him all that she’d seen in her first encounter with such creatures.

Determined Dawn

This scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (the title).  I could have used any of a number of my characters, but I decided to go with Quinten…


Quinten yawned deeply and set his sketchbook to one side.  Then, he looked out the window towards the horizon.  The sun was just starting to brighten the sky.  With the light of day, he wouldn’t burn as some people supposed.  Instead, he would sleep.  It was near impossible to keep from sleeping when sunlight touched him.

He heaved a sigh and glanced over at Felicity.  “I hate this time of year,” he said, rubbing at his eyes.  “Nights aren’t near long enough.”  As the sun peered over the horizon, he slumped back in the chair and slept.

Chuckling softly, Felicity tucked a blanket around his shoulders.  “That dawn is just determined to ruin your night, is it, Quinten?” she murmured, even though she knew he couldn’t hear her.  Patting his hand, she turned and left the room.

Dangerously Cheesy?

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  I know that I’m mixing my metaphors a bit with the title (that’s the slogan for Cheetos, not Cheez-its), but I couldn’t help myself.


Orion froze in his tracks as he came upon the sign that was tacked to the wall.  Turning to Henry, he scowled.  “They aren’t serious, are they?” he asked, frowning.

9c5173e8a0992da24eebdfcfe6d6a653Lyall froze and then looked down at the box in his hands.  Heaving a sigh, he glared at the two boys.  “It’s all your fault,” he said, shaking his head.  “Now, I can’t have my cheez-its at lunch and it’s all because you two can’t leave well enough alone.”

“Where are you going?” Orion called, as Lyall turned and stalked away.

Sighing, Lyall turned back to face them.  “If I can’t have my cheez-its in the cafeteria, I’ll eat them in the courtyard,” he said.  Then, he turned on his heel and headed towards the north courtyard.

Henry chuckled softly.  Looking at Orion, he shook his head.  “The headmistress is over-reacting just a bit, I think,” he said.  “Do you agree?”

Orion shrugged.  “Who knew they reacted that way to fire magic?” he said, his voice soft.  “I mean, it’s not as though we knew there was a spell on those candles in the first place.  It comes of the professors trying to be all mysterious, really.  Not our fault at all.”

“It was pretty funny when they showered down on Professor Boudin, though,” Henry said, grinning.

“Too bad for Lyall that Professor Lindsey didn’t agree,” Orion said, chuckling.  Then the pair headed into the cheez-it free cafeteria.

O Muse

This little scene was inspired by a word prompt (the title) from the WriYe DreamWidth.  Thinking of muses immediately made me think of Quinten.


Quinten frowned speculatively at Charity.  Then he drew out his sketchbook and began drawing.  When he looked up at her again, she was frowning at him.  “Don’t mind me, my dear,” he said, shaking his head.  “Just go about your business.”

“I’m embroidering,” Charity said, scowling.  When Quinten nodded, she blinked.  “Are you drawing me… while I embroider?”

Shrugging, Quentin said, “All the greats drew and painted people while they were doing normal, mundane things, Charity.  Why shouldn’t I make a piece of you embroidering?”  He grinned suddenly and waved at her to continue her embroidering.  “I’ll call it ‘Wolf at Work’.”

Charity rolled her eyes.  “You’re crazy,” she said, turning back to her work.

Looking back at his sketchbook, he said, “You can never tell what will inspire you, my dear.”

Not What it Appears

This story was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  Now that I’ve got my NaNo goal, I can get back to doing these… I saw the picture and wondered, “What would my magic kids think if they saw this dog?”


Lyall did a double-take when he saw the dog trotting through the courtyard.  He turned to Henry with a scowl.  “Does that dog have pink and blue stripes?” he asked.7b93124f1cbd770990f1fa4406f21640

Henry looked at the dog speculatively for a moment and then shook his head.  “Purple, blue and green,” he said, nodding.  Tilting his head to the other side, he added, “Possibly yellow as well, near his tail and the tail is almost certainly pink.”

Lyall rolled his eyes.  “How did the dog get to be rainbow colored?” he asked, shaking his head.  “I don’t know any spell that does that.”

“Chalk,” Caius said, coming up behind them.  He grinned at Lyall and shrugged.  “Someone was coloring on the sidewalk with it and the dog lay down on their rainbow: rainbow colored dog.”

Lyall blinked and then chuckled at his own foolishness.  “That makes far more sense than a spell,” he said, nodding.

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