Going Nowhere

Prompt: wanderer broken down before the wind

Robin frowned at the sails. They were billowing cheerfully in the wind and yet, for some reason, the ship wasn’t moving. It was exactly counter to what was meant to happen. He glanced over his shoulder at Alexander. “Why aren’t we moving?”

“Wind’s are wrong,” Alexander said, staring up at the sails. He looked at Robin and shrugged. “The magic current is flowing opposite the direction the winds are going and we’re meant to go with that current.”

“So,” Robin said, looking up at the sails once more. “Even though the sails are full, the ship doesn’t use them for propulsion, so we aren’t moving.”

“Basically,” Alexander agreed.

Robin bit off a laugh. “It’s like water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” he said. “We’ve got all the wind we could ask for, but it won’t do it any good.”

Donuts make my brown eyes blue

“Those are bad for you,” Robin said, as Alexander reached out to pick up a donut. He paused, his hand hovering inches above the pastry. “You can have it, if you want.”

“They… look really good,” Alexander said. He looked at Robin, his brows furrowed and the corners of his mouth turned downward. “Why are they bad for me? Bad how? How bad?”

“Donuts are full of calories and fat,” he said. “One or two won’t be horrible. Just don’t try to live on them.”

Alexander picked up the donut and began nibbling it. “Shame these are bad for me,” he said. “I really could make a steady diet of them.”

“Sure,” Robin said, smirking. “After all, we were wardens, weren’t we?”

Making Friends

“Why are you crying, hun?” she asked, rubbing his shoulder gently. “Were they mean to you already?” At his nod, she sighed. “Poor kid. It’s all right. I’ll put them in their place right now.”

“Geez, what a baby,” one of them – Daniel – grumbled.


A Case of Innocent Tears

Would these people actually do anything to keep him safe? He looked away from the screen, his gaze going to the other two men in the room.

Daniel had already made his feelings clear. The other man, although he hadn’t said much, was equally cold towards Alexander. He sighed and looked back at the screen. “I’ll see you tonight,” the final message from Robin read. He’d left the chat room.


Unwelcome Changes

Alexander sighed softly as he stepped into the office of the vice squad. He’d asked for the transfer out of organized crime when Henry was arrested. Robin had suggested it might be safer to put some distance between himself and the others. However, now that he was there, one thing became evident: none of them trusted him.

Biting his lip, he smoothed his jacket and moved towards the open door that led into the squad leader’s office. He rapped lightly on the wood and peered inside. “Alexander Pemberton, reporting for duty, sir,” he said, his voice faint.


Welcome to the Shadows

Alexander shivered. What kind of choice was that? He could live as a virtual slave or die peacefully? “I don’ wanna die,” he rasped. Looking up at Robin, he nodded. “I’ll accept the binding.”

Robin sighed in relief. He pulled a long sash out of his bag. “Put your hands together, Al,” he said. As Alexander complied, he began widing the sash around his wrists. “Alexander Pemberton, I bind you to my will. You will do as I command and not do what I do not command.”


A Choice to Make

Alexander could hear Cyril chuckling as he walked back up to the docks. He shivered and strained against the ropes. Then, he saw them. Leech vines were gliding through the water towards him, attracted by the smell of his blood in the water.

His heart began pounding and his breathing became ragged as fear set in. He kicked out when one drew near. It’s mental cry echoed in his mind and he whimpered in pain. He couldn’t give up, however. The moment he stopped fighting, they would latch on and drain him of his blood. “Help,” he screamed, kicking another back.


Blood in the Water

Alexander frowned at what he was seeing. It was evidence – undeniable evidence – that the tech on their squad was giving information to the Underground. “Why would he do that?” he said, shaking his head in confusion.

“What’s that?” a soft, lightly accented voice asked.