Faculty – Core Curriculum

Adrian Glen – young Professor of Transfigurations; quiet and serious; does not seem to like the students very much, often scolds them for small infractions; is distrustful of Cyrus; thinks that Larissa is lovely, but is too shy to tell her so; formerly of Lucidaran House

Athena Lark – junior Professor of Captivations; a terrible flirt, has bedded nearly all the male staff and some of the females staff; very skilled with spells relating to allure; low, musical voice; lovely, feminine; formerly of Eidolon House

Chloris Adams – junior Professor of Potions; head of Constantine House; Keenan Meadows will often substitute for Chloris Adams, and she will take his classes at Northeast Academy as well; skilled with spell-activated potions; Master of Apothecary Arts; golden brown curls, blue eyes; 36 years old; formerly of Constantine House

Shadow – Professor of Herbology; true name is Thaddeus Goldeneagle; head of Eidolon House; only head of house to have not attended Ashwinder’s Academy; old friends with headmistress; claims to be 50 years old, is actually at least 400 year old; strange personality; dark brown hair, intense gray eyes

Chelsea Williams – young Professor of Evocations (also called Defensive Magic); head of Kindaran House; she and Loki were lovers; 23 years old, one of the youngest professors they’ve had at the school; lovely and rather innocent; formerly of Kindaran House

Alexander Narasweln – senior Professor of Astronomy; playful and kindly towards students; very informal in class; skilled with astrology; rumored to be Nestor’s lover; formerly of Constantine House

Melinda Kalkberg – senior Professor of Transmutations, leads school chorus; curious and outgoing; likes the students to ask questions, even if she doesn’t know the answer; skilled with bardic magic; head of Lucidaran House

Xenia Bluebunting – junior Professor of Illustions; a bit flighty; has very particular views about what she should and shouldn’t be asked to do as part of her job; grew up with Athena and is, therefore, immune to her charms; lithe; formerly of Lucidaran House

Logan Rembrandt Starke – senior theoretical wizard; replaced Loki Gildheim as Professor of Theoretical Magic; a werewolf; an agent with Shynian Intelligence, skilled investigator codenamed Chance; unable to perform any magic (a mundane), however he is considered the a top notch theoretical wizard; dark hair, gray eyes, glasses; has terrible scars on his chest and back from the werewolf that attacked him in December of 1995, from whom he contracted lycanthropy

Theodore Madison – senior Professor of Language Arts; one of the only staff members to have no magic; magic makes him uncomfortable; unable to perform magic safely; gifted in Theoretical Magic, but has no desire to teach it; formerly of Candidan House, failed to graduate from Ashwinder’s Academy

Jeremy Crane – late Professor of Equestrian Arts, also teaches Flying (carpets, broomsticks, animals); only ghost among the staff and faculty of the school; knows nearly all the secrets of the school, but has never heard of any monsters on the grounds; killed protecting a student from an enraged hippogriff; although he’s dead, he’s full of life; formerly of Constantine House

Loki Gildheim – late Professor of Theoretical Magic; he and Chelsea were lovers; was attacked at the edge of the school grounds my some sort of monster; although the faculty and staff are being told that he is injured and making a miraculous recovery, he was killed; in spite of his posting, he had strong magic, gifted in Captivations; formerly of Kindaran House; red hair, green eyes, glasses; died at the age of 24 years

Staff – Ashwinder’s

I’ll add to this when I’ve worked a bit more of the details out.

Alyssa Gardener – elderly headmistress; matronly sort of woman; seldom seen, except during meals or emergencies; closer to the faculty and staff than she is to the students; formerly of Contantine House; silver hair, gray eyes

Eustace Foster – senior wizard; deputy headmaster, Professor of Abjurations (also called Offensive Magic, especially skilled with curses, hexes and jinxes); very particular about how things should be done; controlling and manipulative; has an eye out for young men, has targeted Cyrus in the past; formerly of Eidolon House; brown hair, hazel eyes, glass, scar on right cheek

Myron Lorember – elderly groundskeeper; has worked at the school longer than nearly any of the professors; frequently scolds Cyrus; skilled only in low level spells; formerly of Candidan House; gray hair, blue eyes

Alistair “Cyrus” Ezekial Grayson – young caretaker; seems shy, quiet and bumbling; actually an agent with Shynian Intelligence, top undercover agent called Time; very poor hand with magic, tends to break things (too powerful for him to control); afflicted (unable to recharge without the aid of an energy sink, which he has hidden in a white teddy bear); very skilled with taming magical beasts, natural gift with herbology, animagus that becomes a rainbow swallow; was not trained in magic at Ashwinder’s Academy; red-brown hair, red-brown eyes, glasses; 20 years old at start of story

Danae Silversparrow – senior school nurse; serious and business-like, while still being caring and gentle; acts motherly towards Cyrus; very skilled in potions and healing spells; formerly of Kindarin House; graying black hair, brown eyes

Larissa Redfinch – young librarian; intelligent, quiet and bookish; skilled only with low level magic spells; formerly of Contantine House; blond hair, gray eyes

Houses – Ashwinder’s

Yes… some ideas gleaned from Harry Potter. However, it’s mostly original stuff.


Eidolon House
Head of House: Shadow
Noted quality: Sneaky, troublemakers
Actual reason for sorting: cunning, determined and resourceful
Colors: Red and silver (white)
Symbol: Wraith

Candidan House
Head of House: Theodore Madison
Noted quality: Wanton disregard for authority
Actual reason for sorting: brave and bold
Colors: Gold (yellow) and black
Symbol: Gryphon

Constantine House
Head of House: Chloris Adams
Noted quality: Hardworking
Actual reason for sorting: loyal and true
Colors: Cream and gold (yellow)
Symbol: Wolf

Lucidaran House
Head of House: Melinda Kalkberg
Noted quality: Bookish
Actual reason for sorting: clever and scholarly
Colors: Green and silver (white)
Symbol: Dragon

Kinderan House
Head of House: Chelsea Williams
Noted quality: Quiet and shy
Actual reason for sorting: innocent and kindhearted
Colors: Blue and silver (white)
Symbol: Unicorn

A bit of worldbuilding…

I’ve been working out some of the details of the school where Logan teaches and Cyrus works.


Ashwinder’s is a prestigious and well-known school for magic located in an undisclosed location (somewhere in Canada). Students come from all over the magical world to attend classes. The teachers are among the best and brightest minds in their fields.

The student body numbers, roughly, eight hundred students with an average class size of between twenty and thirty students for lecture classes and forty for laboratory classes. The students range from eleven to eighteen years of age and are divided into five houses.

Unexpected Turn of Events – 3

Then, Cyrus drops the bombshell…


“So, then,” he said, giving Cyrus a wan smile. “Shall you read me in on our mission here? I’m assuming it’s to do with the attack on Professor Gildheim.”

Nodding, Cyrus stood. Slowly, pacing around the room as he spoke, he outlined exactly what he’d learned so far, which was precious little. “That’s why you were brought in,” he said. “As school caretaker, I’m free to explore the grounds, but… as a professor – one who’s come in to take his place – you’ll be in a position to find out exactly what happened.”

“Why doesn’t someone just ask him?” Logan asked, shaking his head. “Was he so badly injured, then?”

Grimacing, Cyrus nodded. “You might say that,” he replied. He hesitated for a moment and then, he looked out the window and over the school grounds, towards the place where the attack had taken place.

“Cyrus?” Logan said, his voice soft.

Cyrus looked back at his partner and spoke in a soft voice. “Contrary to what Professor Gardener told everyone at supper – contrary to what the healers have told Professor Williams, Professor Gildheim won’t recover from his wounds. The truth is this: he was killed that night. Whatever attacked him – whatever it is that we’re trying to capture – tore him limb from limb.”

Unexpected Turn of Events – 2

Then, Cyrus gets a surprise.


Logan heaved a sigh and closed his eyes. He could still imagine the feelings he’d had as he’d held Cyrus’s hand in his own. It was lust, he knew. However, the fact that they were partners complicated things. Before, he would have been within his rights to proposition the younger man. Now…

He shook the thought away. Glancing at the mirror, he straightened his own glasses, smoothed his hair and headed out of the room. Cyrus had said that Professor Gardener would want them to arrive for dinner promptly. It wouldn’t do to be late his first day on campus.

Thanks to the tour Cyrus had given him earlier, he was able to find the Great Hall rather easily. As he stepped into the large room, he saw that there were five long rows of empty tables. These tables, he knew, would be filled with students tomorrow evening.

As he swept between them, he noticed Cyrus sitting at the end of the large table at the head of the room, where the staff and faculty had their formal meals. He caught the younger man’s eyes and made the sign for partner. A smile touched his features when Cyrus blinked in surprise. It was good, somehow, to know that he wasn’t the only one surprised by the things had worked out.

An Unexpected Turn of Events – 1

First, Logan gets a surprise.


Logan had just finished unpacking and dressing for dinner when there was a knock on the door of his room. Frowning, he stepped over to the door and opened it. “Keenan,” he said, blinking. “What can I do for you?”

“I just need a moment of your time,” Keenan said, giving him a sunny smile. As he spoke, he gestured sharply that it was Agency business.

Blinking, Logan nodded. “Certainly,” he said, stepping to one side, so that Keenan could enter. He frowned as the smaller man moved into the room. Closing the door firmly, he said, “This is to do with my assignment?”

“Right in one,” Keenan said, tapping the tip of his nose. His brows furrowed. “Your partner for this assignment is Cyrus Grayson. You’ll need to work out a time with him when you can discuss what he’s been able to learn so far.”

“Grayson?” Logan repeated, blinking. He’d known when he set out for Ashwinder’s Academy that he was going to be working an investigation for the Agency. He’d known that he would have a partner. Some part of him assumed that partner would be Keenan. Cyrus, lovely though he might be, seemed too scatterbrained to be with the Agency.

A smirk touched Keenan’s lips. “He’s also known as Time, ” he said, arching an eyebrow. “Who – I’m sure you’ll realize – is one of our best undercover agents.”

Lessons in Magic

The interplay between these two is so sweet!


“Let’s say I help you a bit and then, you’ll be free to give me that tour. Would that suit you, Master Grayson?”

“But… how can you help me, if – if you’re a mundane?” Cyrus asked.

Starke chuckled and strode out of the room. As he passed Cyrus, he caught him by the hand. Drawing him back towards the corridor with the trophies, he said, “I’m a professor of theoretical magic, Master Grayson. I can explain almost any spell. I just can’t do magic myself.”

Cyrus bit his lip and nodded. He wanted to protest that he’d had the standard cleansing spells explained to him several times. It just never made sense to him. However, he was so surprised that Starke was holding his hand, he couldn’t seem to speak.

It wasn’t until they’d reached the display case that Cyrus had been working at before he’d heard the singing that Starke let him go. Then, Cyrus found his voice. “I – I don’t know about this, Professor,” he said, his nervousness making his voice tremble slightly. “I tend to break things when I use magic and – and Professor Foster is so particular!”

“You probably put too much force behind your spells,” Starke said, his tone gentle. “Take a steadying breath or two.” He waited until Cyrus had taken several breaths, before he said, “Now, the standard cleansing spell will remove dust and oils. It’s just what you want for these trophies.”

Cyrus nodding. He swallowed thickly and then took a few more calming breaths. Finally, he said, “A-all right. I – I know the spell words, but… it doesn’t seem to help any.”

Starke set a hand on his shoulder and said the spell word. After Cyrus had repeated it, he nodded. “Now, just point your wand at the first trophy and – softly, now – say the word.”

Nodding again, Cyrus drew out his wand. He bit his lip and took a few more steadying breaths. Then, in a soft voice, he spoke the spell words. A thin layer of foam covered the trophy, then it dissipated, leaving a shining and clean metal surface behind. Cyrus blinked and then bit off a laugh.

“Nothing broke,” he said, his voice cracking.

Starke slapped his shoulder and nodded. “As I said, Master Grayson,” he said. “It’s a simple matter of you putting far too much into your spells. Just relax and ease off a bit. Speaking softly will help that.”

“Thank you, Professor Starke,” Cyrus said. Now, he’d be done with the task of cleaning the trophies before supper was served. He grinned brightly and said, “I could give you that tour now, if you’d like?”

Falling under her spell?

Professor Lark is a charming woman.


Once he was alone, Logan sat down on the couch, near the window and stared out. He took a deep, steadying breath. The school grounds were lovely. From this window, he could see the building that housed the horses that the students rode, as well as those that pulled the school’s carriages. The horses themselves were running in a pasture outside the stable.

For a while, he merely stared out the window. Then, he felt the couch shift and glanced to his right. A woman had settled down beside him. She was nearly his age and rather lovely, in a feminine way. She gave him a faint smile.

“You looked like you were in a daze when Keenan introduced you,” she said, her voice low and musical. “I’m Athena Lark. I teach Captivations.”

Logan felt his cheeks warm and nodded. “Nice to meet you… again, I suppose,” he said.

Professor Lark shrugged. “I’m not sure what course it was that Keenan said you’d be teaching,” she said, leaning forward slightly.

Something about her made Logan feel warm. Perhaps it had something to do with being a charms master. He cleared his throat and then smiled faintly. “Honestly, I don’t know if he even said,” he replied. Shrugging, he added, “I’m to be teaching Theoretical Magic.”

“Ah, so you’re replacing Professor Gildheim, then,” she said, smiling brightly. “It’s nice to know they found someone to take his post, in spite of what happened.”

Logan frowned. He hadn’t heard that anything happened to his predecessor. All he’d heard from Keenan was that the man had gone extended leave. “Medical leave,” he said, when he realized what Keenan had meant.

Nodding, Professor Lark said, “It was near the end of last term.” Her brows furrowed and she shook her head. “Some sort of monster attacked him. Professor Gardener said he very likely wouldn’t recover enough to return to his duties.”

“He’s lucky to be alive at all,” another professor said, nodding.

A Time of New Beginnings

For a moment, Logan was afraid. If he’d hurt someone while he was a wolf, he’d never forgive himself. Shaking the thoughts and fears and doubts away, he opened the door. His eyes widened when he came face to face with a young man, hand raised to knock on the door.

“Hello,” he said, blinking.

The young man flushed and took a step back. Folding his hands behind his back, he released a nervous chuckle. “Morning, Professor Starke,” he said, giving Logan a weak smile. “I – I was sent to wake you? It’s breakfast, if you feel up to it?”

Logan nodded. “You seem to have me at a disadvantage, Master…” he trailed off, as he stepped into the corridor and closed the door firmly behind him. He arched an eyebrow at the young man. “I don’t know your name,” he prompted. “Yet, you seem to know mine.”

“Oh,” the young man said, flushing. He looked around nervously – or perhaps it was shyly – and said, “Master Keenan told me your name when I brought you here last night. I – I’m Cyrus Grayson. I’m the… um, caretaker… for the school.”

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