Trying to make a deal with the sunshine

Keenan hurried along, keeping an eye on the storm clouds that were fast approaching from the west. He sighed and looked up at the rapidly shrinking patch of blue sky. “Just a little bit longer,” he said.

His brows furrowed and he shook his head. Hugging his books to his chest, he added, “Hold out a little longer, sunshine. Let me get inside and then you can give in to those clouds.”

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “Hang around a bit more, blue sky. Once I’m safe, you can let the storm rage,” he half-sang.

He quickened his pace. He was nearly inside. “Wait for me, dark clouds,” he sang. “Let me find some sort of shelter.” He ducked under the overhang, just as the first drops of rain fell to the ground. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Bertram chuckled. “Singing to the clouds and the sky help?” he asked, his tone light and teasing.

Keenan laughed. “Hey,” he said, arching an eyebrow, “it didn’t hurt, did it?”

Nothing to say, besides some comment on the weather

“So,” Bertram said, looking at Keenan. “It rained.”

Keenan sighed softly and then nodded. He looked over at the window. The rain was still coming down in buckets. He was hot. “I wonder if I’d feel better if I went out in that,” he mused.

“Wouldn’t that just make you sicker?” Bertram said.

Blinking, Keenan looked at Bertram and shook his head. “Not if I were naked,” he said, actually managing to make it sound like a reasonable idea. Bertram just stared at him. He smirked and snuggled down further in the blankets. “Or, I could just stay here until my fever breaks.”

Summer surprised us with a shower of rain

Keenan was normally so careful! He knew how badly getting wet while wearing his robes effected him. If he knew it was going to rain, he always wore a cloak over them, to keep them dry.

So, it was rare for him to be so completely caught off guard. Now, though, he was. His eyes widened in shock as the first large, wet drops stuck the leaves he had been reaching for. He cursed and then grabbed his basket.

He ran as fast as he could. Still, when he stepped into the foyer, he was soaked from the sudden shower. “Rained,” he said, looking at Bertram. Then, he passed out.

Noise has one advantage: it drowns out words

Keenan’s mind was running. It was like a rat on a wheel. The way the thoughts kept turning over made him want to strangle that rat.

He sighed and opened his eyes. For a moment, he just stared into the darkness. Then he heard it. There was a low thumping. He frowned slightly. Then, he smirked and closed his eyes. He could well imagine what it was – actually, he could imagine it as being all manner of things.

The noise from the other room did one thing: it gave him something to concentrate on – focus on. He imagined all the different things that could cause that thumping. He fell asleep before he could get to the most entertaining possibility.

this morning i found a dream/ tangled in the web/ overhanging my bed

Keenan lay, perfectly still and staring at the ceiling. Focusing on the web-like designs in the ceiling tiles was a distraction. Occasionally, he would squeeze his eyes closed in pain. Bertram sighed softly and resisted the temptation to cover his hand with his own. That wouldn’t help any. In fact, it would make things worse.

“Is there anything we can do?” he asked, his voice strained. He hated seeing his friend like this.

A faint upturn of Keenan’s lips was the only answer he got. Just his presence was enough. He wasn’t alone.

Bertram sighed softly and leaned back in the chair. His gaze drifted to the ceiling. In a few moments, he was tracing the intricate tile designs as well.