Jane Noble

The final member of Kit’s security team… Considering the catchphrases for Kit, Winston and Kolya… this team will be fun to write.

First Impressions

Name: Jane Noble
Age: 27 years (Mar. 4)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: cheerful, playful, clever
Culture: She was raised by a single mother in Boston. Her mother did everything she could to improve Jane’s lot in life, wanting her daughter to have more than she had. Jane went to college on a scholarship.


Family: Mother (Anne Noble)
Friends: Will is her best friend
Romance: Caleb Jones is her boyfriend
Things: She has a locket with her mother and father’s pictures in it.


Flaws: sensitive, avoid conflict, easily bored, unfocused
Graces: bold, practical, observant, outgoing
Quirks: extremely forgetful, so she writes everything down
Skills: firearms, self-defense, computer science



Diction: She has something of an accent that betrays her origins. Her speech is easygoing. She is talkative.
Catchphrase: I’m positive! Stop asking!


Body: petite, slender
Skin: fair
Hair: red-brown
Eyes: brown
Face: oval; high cheekbones
Hands: deft, slender fingers
Unique Features: none
Movement: quick, graceful


Fashion Style: casual style
Colors: pastels, bright colors, light patterns
Textures: soft cotton, denim
Clothing: dresses up when necessary, prefers jeans, tank tops, flannel
Accessories: her locket, a handbag
Entertainment: riding, programming
Activities: coding, reading

Leigh Donovan

First Impressions

Name: Leigh Donovan
Age: 37 years (April 6)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: serious, protective, generous
Culture: She grew up in a small town in Alabama. Her mother died when she was young and, as the oldest, she looked after her younger siblings.


Family: father, four younger siblings
Friends: closest to Jonah
Romance: engaged
Things: engagement ring


Flaws: can be insensitive; impatient at times; doesn’t always plan ahead (seizes the moment)
Graces: bold; original; practical; perceptive; sociable
Quirks: can be very impatient with Kolya
Skills: firearms, self-defense, medic training



Diction: Her accent lingers, giving her a relaxed manner of speech, but she uses proper grammar.
Catchphrase: none


Body: tall, full figure
Skin: warm brown
Hair: dark; usually straightened
Eyes: rich brown
Face: oval
Hands: fine, dexterous
Unique Features: none
Movement: quick, decisive; efficient


Fashion Style: sophisticated
Colors: rich jewel tones, warm earth tones
Textures: worsted wool; broadcloth; satin; velvet
Clothing: feminine suits with skirts; long jackets; pumps
Accessories: bold jewelry
Entertainment: reading, watching documentary programs
Activities: writing

Jonah Casey

Another member of Kit’s security team… (two more)

First Impressions

Name: Jonah Carey
Age: 45 years (Sept. 10)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: protective, strong, quiet, spiritual
Culture: He grew up traveling the world and living among many different peoples, because his father was a missionary. It gives him a very worldly view.


Family: parents, younger sister (married with children); married with grown child
Friends: closest to Leigh and Kolya
Romance: married (Rachel)
Things: wedding band


Flaws: sensitive, conflict-averse, can be unfocused and easily bored
Graces: bold, original, practical, observant, people person
Quirks: normally very relaxed, but has a violent temper when provoked
Skills: survival; firearms; self-defense



Diction: quiet voice, relaxed manner of speech
Catchphrase: none


Body: average height, muscular form
Skin: medium complexion
Hair: light brown with some gray
Eyes: gray
Face: square
Hands: strong, muscular
Unique Features: none
Movement: easy, unhurried


Fashion Style: relaxed, casual
Colors: prefers earth tones (blues, greens, browns), some cream and white
Textures: flannels, denims, canvas
Clothing: flannel plaid shirts, khakis and jeans; boots; relaxed, windbreaker type jackets
Accessories: watch, wedding band, belt
Entertainment: theater
Activities: reading, camping, riding

Kolya Belenko

Another member of Kit’s security team…

First Impressions

Name: Nikolai Mikhailovych Belenko
Age: 30 years (Nov. 12)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: quiet, serious, rather formal
Culture: He grew up in Ukraine, following the take over of the country by the Veligradians. He was raised as part of the Program, under Kresnik. As a result, he has difficulty relaxing or making friends.


Family: He was young enough when his family was killed that he barely remembers them.
Friends: His closest friend is Winston
Romance: none, as yet
Things: a chess set that he feels is the only connection to his family (it was his father’s)


Flaws: somewhat arrogant; judgmental; overly analytical; clueless about romance
Graces: quick, imaginative, strategic mind; high self-confidence; hard-working; independent; open-minded
Quirks: overly formal
Skills: firearms, self-defense, chess, music



Diction: speaks in a crisp, soft voice, rather formalized in vocabulary choice
Catchphrase: Are you certain about that? (Doubters, the lot of them.)


Body: slight, slender build
Skin: medium complexion
Hair: very dark brown; parted at left side
Eyes: brown
Face: oblong; expressive brows
Hands: delicate
Unique Features: scar across chest
Movement: quick and efficient


Fashion Style: business
Colors: favors darker colors (navy, black); jewel tones in waistcoats
Textures: broadcloth shirt, worsted wool suits
Clothing: dress shirts; waistcoats; sports coats; neckties; trousers; oxfords or wingtips
Accessories: cufflinks, tie tack, watch
Entertainment: music, reading
Activities: plays chess, reads

Winston Jeffries

Another member of Kit’s security team

First Impressions

Name: Winston Jeffries
Age: 28 years (May 5)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: quiet, introspective, playful
Culture: He grew up in Texas, being raised by a single mother. He was not a very good student and joined the military directly after graduation, where he excelled.


Family: Mother (Monica Jeffries)
Friends: He is closest to Kit and Kolya
Romance: none currently
Things: his harmonica


Flaws: intensely private, perfectionist, sensitive
Graces: creative, insightful, determined and passionate, altruistic
Quirks: plays tunelessly on his harmonica when thinking
Skills: self-defense, firearms, sharp-shooter



Diction: Soft-spoken, laconic manner of speaking; very relaxed; uses idioms often
Catchphrase: You sure ‘bout that? (Yes… the same as Kit’s catchphrase)


Body: medium frame; muscular
Skin: medium fair
Hair: light brown
Eyes: dark blue
Face: oblong
Hands: strong, but small
Unique Features: light beard and mustache
Movement: easy-going, relaxed


Fashion Style: casual
Colors: warm, dark colors
Textures: soft cotton, denim
Clothing: dresses up when necessary; prefers tee shirts and jeans
Accessories: old leather jacket
Entertainment: riding, reading
Activities: music

William Abrams

A member of Kit’s security team…

First Impressions

Name: William Abrams
Age: 34 years (April 8)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: cheerful, energetic, gregarious
Culture: He grew up in Texas and has a big sort of personality to match. He’s rather like an over-grown puppy at times.


Family: Ma; younger sisters
Friends: Teammates (particularly Kit)
Romance: has a new girlfriend every week
Things: his old pickup truck


Flaws: somewhat impractical, easily distracted, easily stressed, tendency to overthink things
Graces: curious, observant, excellent communicator; knows how to relax
Quirks: chafes when he’s being told what to do (very independent)
Skills: defensive driving, self-defense, firearms training



Diction: loud, boisterous; relaxed manner of speaking
Catchphrase: none


Body: Tall, broad-shouldered; muscular
Skin: medium tan
Hair: dark hair
Eyes: vibrant blue
Face: blocky, angular
Hands: large, strong
Unique Features: scar across shoulder
Movement: confident, almost cocky


Fashion Style: casual
Colors: prefers jewel tones and bright colors (particularly blue, red, green); plaids
Textures: cotton, denim
Clothing: casual button-up shirts, jeans, boots
Accessories: black leather jacket
Entertainment: bar-hopping
Activities: watching movies; going out with friends

Kit McMillan

I’m working on minor characters from my 2017 NaNo, in preparation for editing the story later this year.

First Impressions

Name: Christopher “Kit” McMillan
Age: 36 years (May 4)
Occupation: security guard
Summary: quiet, intense, serious
Culture: He was born in the Midwest, in farm country. He prefers the wide open spaces to the city, which he finds loud and crowded.


Family: Parents (Pa and Ma); younger brother; son (Brian, 8 yrs old)
Friends: the members of his team; Leon
Romance: his wife, Amanda
Things: old pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather


Flaws: sensitive, extremely private, perfectionistic
Graces: creative, insightful, inspiring, decisive, passionate, altruistic
Quirks: he’s personable, but prefers to be alone at times
Skills: self-defense, firearms training



Diction: no detectable accent; quiet, crisp tones, very soft voice
Catchphrase: You sure about that?


Body: lean, muscular
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: dark blond
Eyes: gray
Face: oval; freckled
Hands: large, muscular
Unique Features: none
Movement: careful, but easy; cat-like


Fashion Style: casual
Colors: favors cool colors (blue, green, gray) and browns
Textures: soft cottons, denims, leather
Clothing: button-up shirts, vests, jeans, boots; no tie
Accessories: wedding band; pocket watch
Entertainment: wood carving
Activities: riding, jogging

About Ann Williams

This is the last character that I’m profiling from my upcoming NaNo…

First Impressions
Name: Ann Blakely Williams
Age: 30 years (Apr. 5)
Occupation: innkeeper
Summary: Loves a good challenge and has a natural skill with leadership.  She is very intelligent and uses her determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever goal she sets for herself.
Culture: Grew up in the big city and is used to the faster pace there, but has come to love the country life.

Family: none living
Friends: the women in her knitting circle
Romance: her husband, Henry
Things: the inn

Flaws: dominant, sometimes impatient, can be intolerant, not always in touch with emotions
Graces: efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong willed, charismatic and inspiring
Quirks: something of a perfectionist
Skills: interior decorating, knitting, cooking, baking

Diction: Speaks with crisp consonants and precise vowels; very careful with wording
Catchphrase: Don’t do that, honey.

Body: somewhat short (5’4”), curvy form
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: shoulder length dark red hair
Eyes: wide hazel eyes
Face: heart-shaped, fine features
Hands: small, stubby fingers
Unique Features: none
Movement: brisk, precise

Fashion Style: chic
Colors: cool colors, browns, creams
Textures: silk and satin, velvet, smooth cotton, wool
Clothing: stylish jackets, slim line skirts and trousers, heels
Accessories: wedding band and engagement ring; locket her husband gave her
Entertainment: knitting, reading
Activities: hiking, cooking and baking

A drabble, to show a bit about her:


Henry could smell a rich aroma as soon as he crossed the threshold.  A smile touched his lips as he headed into the kitchen.  Ann was just setting out the pies on the windowsill.

“Those smell good,” he said, coming up behind her.  He hugged her waist and pressed a kiss to her cheek.  “What’s the occasion?”

“Lizette will be here soon,” Ann said, smiling over her shoulder.  “I want to make a good impression.”

Henry hummed softly.  “Good idea,” he mused.  Frowning, he asked, “That doesn’t mean I can’t have some now, though.”

“When they cool,” Ann said, relenting.

About Henry Williams

Another character from my upcoming NaNo…

First Impressions
Name: Henry Williams
Age: 50 years (Sept. 15)
Occupation: innkeeper
Summary: Focused on the world around him, he takes his responsibilities seriously and is very dependable.
Culture: He grew up in the countryside and enjoys the slower pace that is typical there (as opposed to life in the city).

Family: a cousin who has three small children
Friends: none close, but friendly with everyone he meets
Romance: his wife, Ann
Things: the inn that he owns with his wife

Flaws: inflexible, reluctant to improvise, worried about social status
Graces: warm and sensitive, very loyal, very personable
Quirks: randomly doodles on any available paper
Skills: accounting, business management, singing

Diction: He tends to speak in a relaxed manner and uses a great deal of colloquialisms
Catchphrase: Is that so?

Body: not very tall (5’7”); strongly muscled; in good shape for his age
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: dark brown, somewhat messy; part on right side
Eyes: brown
Face: rectangular; firm brows
Hands: large, muscular
Unique Features: small but noticeable scar on chin
Movement: long, rangy steps; easy and relaxed in motion

Fashion Style: casual
Colors: dark brown, black; jewel tones
Textures: smooth cotton, denims
Clothing: polo shirts, jeans, sweatshirts
Accessories: wedding band, wrist watch
Entertainment: reading, fishing, bird watching
Activities: running, hiking

A drabble featuring him:


Henry smiled faintly as he watched Ann bustle around the hotel lobby, making certain that everything was perfectly set for when guests would arrive.  She set a basket of apples on the counter and placed a sign beside it.  “Help yourself,” the sign read.

“That’s a nice touch,” he said, nodding.

Ann smiled, shaking her head.  “I know you had fun picking apples with your cousin’s kids, Henry, but… Why did you have to get so many?” she said.  Then she headed over to adjust the logs by the fire.  “We’ll never eat that three pecks of apples, silly man!”

About Mary Carlisle

Another character from next month’s novel…

First Impressions
Name: Mary Carlisle
Age: 24 years (April 6)
Occupation: ornithology
Summary: sweet, outgoing, intelligent. She likes to be outdoors, in nature.  She’s a real country girl.
Culture: Born and raises in a small town in New York, she isn’t comfortable in the big city, where everything feels too close.  She likes the wide-open spaces and takes things at a slow, relaxed pace

Family: parents, large extended family
Friends: church, work, etc. she has loads of friends
Romance: husband (Robert)
Things: charm bracelet (Pandora type)

Flaws: fiercely independent, unpredictable (not a planner), easily stressed, competitive
Graces: charming, sensitive, imaginative, curious, artistic
Quirks: left-handed, sneezes really loudly
Skills: trained in zoology, very good at knitting

Diction: relaxed manner with a distinctly Upstate NY accent (sort of NYC, but not quite); uses a bit of country dialect
Catchphrase: Did you see that?!

Body: slender, athletic build
Skin: fair, but tanned from being outside
Hair: long, blond
Eyes: blue
Face: oval, fine features
Hands: small, delicate
Unique Features: none
Movement: walks with big, heavy steps; somewhat clumsy

Fashion Style: casual fashion style
Colors: browns, tans, greens, soft colors
Textures: soft knits (sweaters, etc.); brushed cotton
Clothing: tee shirts, jeans, sneakers; flannels, sweaters; relaxed skirts; turtlenecks
Accessories: wedding band, scarves, sunglasses
Entertainment: hiking, biking, boating
Activities: knitting, drawing


I almost forgot her drabble:



“Do you think you’ll need another sweater?”

Mary smiled as she looked over at Robert.  “It’s not going to be that cold, silly,” she said, shaking her head.  Closing the lid to her suitcase, she added, “One will be enough, along with my coat, for cool mornings.”

Robert nodded and hefted her suitcase off the bed.  Stooping to kiss her, he said, “I wish I could go with you.”

“Next time,” she promised.  As she followed him to the door, she shrugged into her coat.  “What?”

“Bring my hat,” he said, settling the ballcap on her head.

She grinned.  “Sure!”

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