About Ann Williams

This is the last character that I’m profiling from my upcoming NaNo…

First Impressions
Name: Ann Blakely Williams
Age: 30 years (Apr. 5)
Occupation: innkeeper
Summary: Loves a good challenge and has a natural skill with leadership.  She is very intelligent and uses her determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever goal she sets for herself.
Culture: Grew up in the big city and is used to the faster pace there, but has come to love the country life.

Family: none living
Friends: the women in her knitting circle
Romance: her husband, Henry
Things: the inn

Flaws: dominant, sometimes impatient, can be intolerant, not always in touch with emotions
Graces: efficient, energetic, self-confident, strong willed, charismatic and inspiring
Quirks: something of a perfectionist
Skills: interior decorating, knitting, cooking, baking

Diction: Speaks with crisp consonants and precise vowels; very careful with wording
Catchphrase: Don’t do that, honey.

Body: somewhat short (5’4”), curvy form
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: shoulder length dark red hair
Eyes: wide hazel eyes
Face: heart-shaped, fine features
Hands: small, stubby fingers
Unique Features: none
Movement: brisk, precise

Fashion Style: chic
Colors: cool colors, browns, creams
Textures: silk and satin, velvet, smooth cotton, wool
Clothing: stylish jackets, slim line skirts and trousers, heels
Accessories: wedding band and engagement ring; locket her husband gave her
Entertainment: knitting, reading
Activities: hiking, cooking and baking

A drabble, to show a bit about her:


Henry could smell a rich aroma as soon as he crossed the threshold.  A smile touched his lips as he headed into the kitchen.  Ann was just setting out the pies on the windowsill.

“Those smell good,” he said, coming up behind her.  He hugged her waist and pressed a kiss to her cheek.  “What’s the occasion?”

“Lizette will be here soon,” Ann said, smiling over her shoulder.  “I want to make a good impression.”

Henry hummed softly.  “Good idea,” he mused.  Frowning, he asked, “That doesn’t mean I can’t have some now, though.”

“When they cool,” Ann said, relenting.


About Henry Williams

Another character from my upcoming NaNo…

First Impressions
Name: Henry Williams
Age: 50 years (Sept. 15)
Occupation: innkeeper
Summary: Focused on the world around him, he takes his responsibilities seriously and is very dependable.
Culture: He grew up in the countryside and enjoys the slower pace that is typical there (as opposed to life in the city).

Family: a cousin who has three small children
Friends: none close, but friendly with everyone he meets
Romance: his wife, Ann
Things: the inn that he owns with his wife

Flaws: inflexible, reluctant to improvise, worried about social status
Graces: warm and sensitive, very loyal, very personable
Quirks: randomly doodles on any available paper
Skills: accounting, business management, singing

Diction: He tends to speak in a relaxed manner and uses a great deal of colloquialisms
Catchphrase: Is that so?

Body: not very tall (5’7”); strongly muscled; in good shape for his age
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: dark brown, somewhat messy; part on right side
Eyes: brown
Face: rectangular; firm brows
Hands: large, muscular
Unique Features: small but noticeable scar on chin
Movement: long, rangy steps; easy and relaxed in motion

Fashion Style: casual
Colors: dark brown, black; jewel tones
Textures: smooth cotton, denims
Clothing: polo shirts, jeans, sweatshirts
Accessories: wedding band, wrist watch
Entertainment: reading, fishing, bird watching
Activities: running, hiking

A drabble featuring him:


Henry smiled faintly as he watched Ann bustle around the hotel lobby, making certain that everything was perfectly set for when guests would arrive.  She set a basket of apples on the counter and placed a sign beside it.  “Help yourself,” the sign read.

“That’s a nice touch,” he said, nodding.

Ann smiled, shaking her head.  “I know you had fun picking apples with your cousin’s kids, Henry, but… Why did you have to get so many?” she said.  Then she headed over to adjust the logs by the fire.  “We’ll never eat that three pecks of apples, silly man!”

About Mary Carlisle

Another character from next month’s novel…

First Impressions
Name: Mary Carlisle
Age: 24 years (April 6)
Occupation: ornithology
Summary: sweet, outgoing, intelligent. She likes to be outdoors, in nature.  She’s a real country girl.
Culture: Born and raises in a small town in New York, she isn’t comfortable in the big city, where everything feels too close.  She likes the wide-open spaces and takes things at a slow, relaxed pace

Family: parents, large extended family
Friends: church, work, etc. she has loads of friends
Romance: husband (Robert)
Things: charm bracelet (Pandora type)

Flaws: fiercely independent, unpredictable (not a planner), easily stressed, competitive
Graces: charming, sensitive, imaginative, curious, artistic
Quirks: left-handed, sneezes really loudly
Skills: trained in zoology, very good at knitting

Diction: relaxed manner with a distinctly Upstate NY accent (sort of NYC, but not quite); uses a bit of country dialect
Catchphrase: Did you see that?!

Body: slender, athletic build
Skin: fair, but tanned from being outside
Hair: long, blond
Eyes: blue
Face: oval, fine features
Hands: small, delicate
Unique Features: none
Movement: walks with big, heavy steps; somewhat clumsy

Fashion Style: casual fashion style
Colors: browns, tans, greens, soft colors
Textures: soft knits (sweaters, etc.); brushed cotton
Clothing: tee shirts, jeans, sneakers; flannels, sweaters; relaxed skirts; turtlenecks
Accessories: wedding band, scarves, sunglasses
Entertainment: hiking, biking, boating
Activities: knitting, drawing


I almost forgot her drabble:



“Do you think you’ll need another sweater?”

Mary smiled as she looked over at Robert.  “It’s not going to be that cold, silly,” she said, shaking her head.  Closing the lid to her suitcase, she added, “One will be enough, along with my coat, for cool mornings.”

Robert nodded and hefted her suitcase off the bed.  Stooping to kiss her, he said, “I wish I could go with you.”

“Next time,” she promised.  As she followed him to the door, she shrugged into her coat.  “What?”

“Bring my hat,” he said, settling the ballcap on her head.

She grinned.  “Sure!”

About Eduard Davis

First Impressions

Name: Eduard Davis
Age: 45 years (Mar. 3)
Occupation: scientist (expert in biochemisty)
Summary: social and generally cheerful; he’s a hard worker, with a direct and honest nature.  He’s not the sort to shrink from telling someone exactly what he thinks of them.
Culture: He was born and educated in Mexico, coming to the States later to follow his career.

Family: parents, sisters, large extended family
Friends: many friends, mainly among his colleagues
Romance: no one steady, yet
Things: walking stick (gift from parents)

Flaws: can be stubborn, judgmental, focused on social status
Graces: loyal, patient and reliable
Quirks: very organized, tends to untie and retie his shoes if one lace gets loose
Skills: graceful dancer, trained in higher sciences

Diction: He tends to use somewhat flowery and poetic phrases.  He speaks in a way that draws the listener in and makes them pay attention to him.
Catchphrase: You see what I mean, of course.

Body: average height, athletic build
Skin: medium complexion, tanned
Hair: very dark brown
Eyes: brown
Face: oval, strong eyebrows
Hands: large, muscular hands
Unique Features: slight limp
Movement: graceful, confident; erect

Fashion Style: vintage style
Colors: grays and blacks, some soft colors
Textures: soft wool and cotton
Clothing: fashionable suits with ties
Accessories: pocket handkerchief, flower at lapel, hat
Entertainment: theater (concerts, plays); fine dining
Activities: dancing, reading

Leon Jones

Another character for my upcoming NaNo…

First Impressions
Name: Leon Jones
Age: 32 years (Mar. 12)
Occupation: photojournalist
Summary: gregarious, street smart, flirtatious, snappy dresser
Culture: a farm boy by birth, but he’s worked hard to smooth off those rough edges.  He comes across as sophisticated and refined.

Family: parents, young sister, elder brother
Friends: Nathan Donavan (co-worker)
Romance: nothing steady or significant
Things: pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather

Flaws: can seem arrogant, sometimes stubbornly close-minded
Graces: an honestly good man who wants to help others
Quirks: shoots his cuffs when frustrated, chatters when nervous
Skills: self-defense, sharp shooter

Cardinal Sin
Pride | Greed | Envy | Wrath | Lust | Gluttony | Sloth

Extravert / Introvert | Sense / Intuition | Thinking / Feeling | Judging / Perceiving

Diction: speaks in a precise, careful manner; faint Vermont accent
Catchphrase: I’m sure I’m right.

Body: lower side of average height; average build
Skin: rather fair
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Face: chiseled features
Hands: long fingers
Movement: confident, certain

Fashion Style: rather formal
Colors: more browns and blues than blacks and grays
Textures: soft, smooth fabrics
Clothing: suits with ties; khakis rather than jeans, polo shirts
Accessories: pocket watch, tie bar, pinky ring
Entertainment: theater (plays, ballet, opera), concerts
Activities: reading, photography



Leon was tired.  It had been a long and day.  He wanted to take a long bath.  As if he could just wash the problems of the day away.  He knew it wasn’t that easy.  It never was.

He opened the door of his apartment.  Then, as he closed the door, something rubbed up against his calf.  Chuckling, he flicked on the light.

A small marmalade tabby was rubbing itself against him.  It blinked up at him before returning its attention to his leg.  “Hey, Pumpkin,” he said.  Stooping, he lifted the cat into his arms.  Life wasn’t so bad.

About Andrew Smith

Here’s the first Character Worksheet for my upcoming NaNo

First Impressions

Name: Andrew Smith (Andriy Surikov)

Age: 30 years (Oct. 17)

Occupation: writer

Summary: quiet and unassuming; somewhat shy with little interest in socializing; he’s tense – nervous about something

Culture: Born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, he’s been living in the States for the last six years.  He still has some of the old-world charm going on (kisses ladies’ hands, bows slightly when greeting men).



Family: parents and siblings dead, one estranged uncle with wife and child

Friends: no friends to speak of, not very trusting, has trouble making friends

Romance: wife dies before action of story (Sofiya), toddler son also dead (Dmitri)

Things: carries small acorn trinket box with him everywhere, it was a gift from Sofiya



Flaws: anxious; can seem callous or selfish

Graces: clever, droll wit

Quirks: sometimes talks about things that only interest him

Skills: theft, gymnastics, firearms, self-defense, speaks several languages, degrees in higher sciences



Diction: speaks with crisp consonants, sometimes overly polite, has some trouble with certain idiomatic phrases; implacable foreign accent (sort of British, but not quite)

Catchphrase: “Did I say that correctly?”



Body: short (for a man); athletic build

Skin: rather fair

Hair: blond (naturally strawberry blond); falls down over neck and ears, parted on left with long fringe over forehead

Eyes: blue; soulful

Face: oval, full lips, expressive brows

Hands: large, strong

Unique Features: scars on back

Movement: graceful, certain, confident



Fashion Style: relaxed; clean cut

Colors: mostly black and white, some dark jewel tones

Textures: favors smooth, soft materials (cotton, linen)

Clothing: crisp white shirt, dark trousers, heavy sweater with polar bears and snowflakes

Accessories: acorn trinket box, glasses; wrist watch, wedding band

Entertainment: reading, writing

Activities: plays guitar, sings


Here’s a drabble, to show a bit of his character…


Andy heaved a soft sigh as he frowned out the window.  The sky was gray, overcast with clouds that threatened rain.  Wind swirled in the trees, shaking leaves from the branches.  Cold as it was here, it was bound to be worse in Vermont.

Shaking his head, Andy added a couple long-sleeved shirts to his suitcase.  Then, he closed the lid.  He paused at the door to shrug into a black sweater with polar bears facing each other.  He felt safer in this sweater – as if he were calling on the protection of the Great Father just by wearing it.

Alaric Hurley – the Earl of Rathmore

Appearance: Where Robin is small and lightly built, Alaric is large and muscular. He has pale, almost white, blond hair and blue eyes. He is considered handsome and desirable by the ladies of the court. However, there are rumors that he has no interest in ladies, preferring the company of young men.

He dresses as befits a man of his station. Typically, he wears a fine jacket with a waistcoat and a cravat, slacks, spats and boots. Outside, he wears a top hat and a great cloak. He almost always carries a walking stick that is suspected to conceal a blade.

Unknown to any at court, Alaric works with a local apothecary to solve mysterious crimes – usually those involving magic or magical creatures. He is also a very powerful magic, though his limited training means he only knows a few spells.

He is smitten with his partner, but can usually keep things on a professional level. The only time this is untrue is when Robin dresses as a woman. Then, Alaric cannot resist giving in to his desire. The pair have a strange relationship. Alaric has honest affection for Robin and Robin reciprocates these feelings – even though he knows (probably better than Alaric) that things will never work out between them.

Robin Westerberg

She appears to be about 20 years old or so, but she may be much older – even she won’t say her true age. She has reddish-brown hair (as in, it’s brown with a reddish hue) and brown eyes that also have a reddish hue – Chestnut. She has little fangs, with the left one showing more than the right. She is on the taller side of average height, perhaps five-feet-six-inches tall. She has a light, almost fragile, build – as if she doesn’t eat enough or a stiff breeze could blow her away.

Clothing-wise: She has a few distinct styles that she wears for different occasions.

For everyday wear, she wears a sleeveless tunic over loose-fitting pants and no shoes. She wears arm warmers that go down over her hands and are held in place by straps around her upper arm. She will also wear a thick, hooded cloak over this. She will often dress in this manner when she goes to visit Alaric at the palace, which has given him the reputation of preferring the company of young men.

When in disguise, she dresses in the gothic aristocratic style, sort of like a cross between Romania and Austria – little fancy hat, jabot and long jacket with pants and spats. With this outfit, she wears a great cloak: a long jacket with a capelet.

She occasionally will wear girl’s clothing of the gothic Lolita style. Again, she has the fancy little hat, only a more feminine version. She will wear a frilly little dress, with lots of layers. She dresses this way to spy on people – no one notices a young lady. When she dresses in this fashion, she will often attract the unwanted attention of Alaric Hurley, the Earl of Rathmore.

She has a very quiet voice and is, generally, somewhat shy. When dressed as a girl, this comes across as politely demure. When in disguise as a man, she adopts a more outgoing, confident persona. This persona is loud, daring and quite charming.

Robin is not a vampire and has no magic of her own. Her mother was a fae and it is from this side of her heritage that she inherited her fangs. However, she can use potions which give her some results that are similar to magic in their effects.

Rory Falcon Morley

Rory has possibly the strangest background of any member of Shynian Intelligence. He was taken from his parents at a very young age by a childless couple among those high in the society of the occupying force. They raised him as they would any child of their own, however the same could not be said for all in their society.

Since he always knew the truth of his parentage, Rory always felt out of place among his adoptive parents’ people. However, he tried to make the most of his situation. He was given the best schooling and, after graduation, married a woman that his parents had selected.

From this point, his life changed drastically. Rory’s new wife was abusive of him. She would hit him, belittle him and lock him in their bedroom. Together, they had four children: two boys and two girls. Although his wife doted on their daughters, she seemed to view her sons with the same distain she did her husband. When that disdain turned to violence, Rory knew he had to get out. One night, he took his children and fled back to Shynia, where he’d been born.

Because of his knowledge of the society of Shynia’s greatest enemy, he was recruited by the Agency. For the last four years, Rory has worked closely with Keenan and Bertram to help people like himself and keep his new home free from oppression.

Trenton Lark

Although Trenton was born in North Lake, Shynia, he isn’t actually of Shynian heritage. Technically, he’s not even really a human. Trenton is from a race called Morpheans. His true form is entirely unknown, even to him. He can take the form of any living thing. The constants being that his hair is always orange-red and his eyes are always green. He prefers to take the form of a young middle-aged man with messy hair that falls into his eyes.

Trenton was raised as a ward of the Shynian government. He was trained in music and the fine arts at the Shynian Conservatory. Partially because of his shapeshifting talent, Trenton concentrated his studies in the field of acting. He’s had a long and distinguished acting career, which started when he was only seven years old. Currently, he plays a human private investigator who is living in a city of elves. When he’s not acting, he is one of the Agency’s most talented undercover agents.

Several years ago, Trenton met his birth parents for the first time. He also traveled to Morphea, where he met the woman to whom he is currently engaged. He lives on the island of Everlund, home of the elves of Kaigan, where his present television production is being filmed.

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