Alaric Hurley – the Earl of Rathmore

Appearance: Where Robin is small and lightly built, Alaric is large and muscular. He has pale, almost white, blond hair and blue eyes. He is considered handsome and desirable by the ladies of the court. However, there are rumors that he has no interest in ladies, preferring the company of young men.

He dresses as befits a man of his station. Typically, he wears a fine jacket with a waistcoat and a cravat, slacks, spats and boots. Outside, he wears a top hat and a great cloak. He almost always carries a walking stick that is suspected to conceal a blade.

Unknown to any at court, Alaric works with a local apothecary to solve mysterious crimes – usually those involving magic or magical creatures. He is also a very powerful magic, though his limited training means he only knows a few spells.

He is smitten with his partner, but can usually keep things on a professional level. The only time this is untrue is when Robin dresses as a woman. Then, Alaric cannot resist giving in to his desire. The pair have a strange relationship. Alaric has honest affection for Robin and Robin reciprocates these feelings – even though he knows (probably better than Alaric) that things will never work out between them.

Robin Westerberg

She appears to be about 20 years old or so, but she may be much older – even she won’t say her true age. She has reddish-brown hair (as in, it’s brown with a reddish hue) and brown eyes that also have a reddish hue – Chestnut. She has little fangs, with the left one showing more than the right. She is on the taller side of average height, perhaps five-feet-six-inches tall. She has a light, almost fragile, build – as if she doesn’t eat enough or a stiff breeze could blow her away.

Clothing-wise: She has a few distinct styles that she wears for different occasions.

For everyday wear, she wears a sleeveless tunic over loose-fitting pants and no shoes. She wears arm warmers that go down over her hands and are held in place by straps around her upper arm. She will also wear a thick, hooded cloak over this. She will often dress in this manner when she goes to visit Alaric at the palace, which has given him the reputation of preferring the company of young men.

When in disguise, she dresses in the gothic aristocratic style, sort of like a cross between Romania and Austria – little fancy hat, jabot and long jacket with pants and spats. With this outfit, she wears a great cloak: a long jacket with a capelet.

She occasionally will wear girl’s clothing of the gothic Lolita style. Again, she has the fancy little hat, only a more feminine version. She will wear a frilly little dress, with lots of layers. She dresses this way to spy on people – no one notices a young lady. When she dresses in this fashion, she will often attract the unwanted attention of Alaric Hurley, the Earl of Rathmore.

She has a very quiet voice and is, generally, somewhat shy. When dressed as a girl, this comes across as politely demure. When in disguise as a man, she adopts a more outgoing, confident persona. This persona is loud, daring and quite charming.

Robin is not a vampire and has no magic of her own. Her mother was a fae and it is from this side of her heritage that she inherited her fangs. However, she can use potions which give her some results that are similar to magic in their effects.

Rory Falcon Morley

Rory has possibly the strangest background of any member of Shynian Intelligence. He was taken from his parents at a very young age by a childless couple among those high in the society of the occupying force. They raised him as they would any child of their own, however the same could not be said for all in their society.

Since he always knew the truth of his parentage, Rory always felt out of place among his adoptive parents’ people. However, he tried to make the most of his situation. He was given the best schooling and, after graduation, married a woman that his parents had selected.

From this point, his life changed drastically. Rory’s new wife was abusive of him. She would hit him, belittle him and lock him in their bedroom. Together, they had four children: two boys and two girls. Although his wife doted on their daughters, she seemed to view her sons with the same distain she did her husband. When that disdain turned to violence, Rory knew he had to get out. One night, he took his children and fled back to Shynia, where he’d been born.

Because of his knowledge of the society of Shynia’s greatest enemy, he was recruited by the Agency. For the last four years, Rory has worked closely with Keenan and Bertram to help people like himself and keep his new home free from oppression.

Trenton Lark

Although Trenton was born in North Lake, Shynia, he isn’t actually of Shynian heritage. Technically, he’s not even really a human. Trenton is from a race called Morpheans. His true form is entirely unknown, even to him. He can take the form of any living thing. The constants being that his hair is always orange-red and his eyes are always green. He prefers to take the form of a young middle-aged man with messy hair that falls into his eyes.

Trenton was raised as a ward of the Shynian government. He was trained in music and the fine arts at the Shynian Conservatory. Partially because of his shapeshifting talent, Trenton concentrated his studies in the field of acting. He’s had a long and distinguished acting career, which started when he was only seven years old. Currently, he plays a human private investigator who is living in a city of elves. When he’s not acting, he is one of the Agency’s most talented undercover agents.

Several years ago, Trenton met his birth parents for the first time. He also traveled to Morphea, where he met the woman to whom he is currently engaged. He lives on the island of Everlund, home of the elves of Kaigan, where his present television production is being filmed.

William Norton

Will was born in the city of Northport in Loyalia during the occupation of Loyalia. Although life was not always easy, he was never really unhappy. His father ran a local tavern which also functioned as a meeting place for members of Shynian Intelligence.

As Will grew older, he became more involved in the resistence. When he was old enough, he became a full member of Shynian Intelligence, working undercover, first in his father’s tavern and then traveling all around, spreading news and gathering information.

After Shynia gained its freedom, he took a break to learn the healing arts. During training, he met Emma Lakes. The two were married after he finished his schooling. He returned to the Agency, but wished to act as a healer, rather than an undercover agent. He works closely with Devin, Chris and Morgan, mostly tending to any injuries they might suffer while performing their duties.

Morgan Brennan

Morgan was born in the small village of North Camp in the Shynian Basin. As a young girl, she had something of a crush on her elder brother’s friend, Alian. Although he never seemed to notice her, she spent much of her time watching and admiring him. She also had tremendous love and respect for her elder brother.

When Aidan joined the resistence, Morgan wanted to help as well. Although she was too young to act as an agent, she would act as lookout for Aidan when he met with other members of the budding Agency.

Following the historic liberation of North Camp, Morgan went with her brother to spread news of the village’s newly won freedom. It wasn’t long before she proved that she had the skill and maturity to be an agent alongside him.

She work undercover, first with Aidan and his partner, Ken Riverbend. Later, she was reassigned to working with Chris and Devin. If they need a woman for a job, she is called upon to play whatever part they need. Additionally, she is one of the very few solo undercover agents in Shynia Intelligence, going undercover without a partner.

Devin Treehollow

Devin was born in a hamlet in southeastern Shynia. His father ran a small, wayside tavern with the help of his mother and older brothers. Devin, however, never felt comfortable working in the little tavern. He longed to travel and see the worlds.
His first exposure to the world outside of his little hamlet was with the visitors to the tavern. Bards would come through, playing music from all over Shynia and the other nearby islands. Not only did he learn about the world at large in this way, he learned about music.

His father never liked the idea of him becoming a musician. He’d seen the numerous bards and musicians come through the tavern, trading a song or two for a meal and a bed. To his way of thinking, music was no way to make a living. However, Devin convinced his older brother to support his dream.

Thanks to his brother, he was able to convince his father to let him attend the classes at the Shynian Conservatory for one year. If, after that year, his teachers felt he showed promise, he would be allowed to complete his course of study. Otherwise, he would come home and join the family business.

As fate would have it, Devin was tapped to enter training for an organization called the Kenzyan Mediators Corps, which as members from all of the Kenzyan Isles. He graduated from training there, as well as his courses at the Shynian Conservatory.

He was quickly recruited by Shynian Intelligence as a liaison officer between them and the KMC. Unknown to his parents, Devin also became an undercover agent. Chris Starbright was his very first partner. That was just over five years ago.

Alistair Christian Starbright

Chris was born to an upper middle class family in the city of North Lake, the capital of Shynia. He was the youngest of five children, with only one older brother. His parents named him Christian, but it wasn’t very long before most people took to calling him by the shortened form of the name.

When Chris was eight years old, his parents realized that he was able to see spirits and, in fact, had been able to do so for some time. At this point, they employed Allan Farfield to teach him the skills needed to be a magician. Farfield gave him the name Alistair, but he seldom uses it, reserving it for magical communications only.

Chris attend the Shynian Academy, a training ground for their agents. He graduated with honors and became an undercover agent, as his father had been before him. Chris has had only two partners in his career with the Agency. The first, a woman, was killed by members of the Underground during a raid. The second, Devin Treehollow, has been working with him for just over five years.

Chris and Devin make a good team, with each making up for the shortcomings of the other. Where Chris tends to be rather harsh and driven in their work, Devin is more relaxed and amiable. Additionally, Chris’s connections to the higher levels of Shynian society open doors for him that might otherwise be closed to field agents.

Winifred Calliope Tanner

Winnie was born on Terra (Earth), in a small town in rural Texas. Her mother died when she was very young and a man arrived soon afterwards, claiming to be her father. He produced proof of his relationship and was given custody of Winnie. Once he had legal custody, he returned to North Lake, in Shynia. He revealed then, that he didn’t know who Winnie’s father was. However, she was most certainly half-Shynian.

The man, Bradley Northrope, began training Winnie, who was already skilled in gymnastics, to be a cat burglar. Although he was not her biological father, Bradley cared for her and treated her like he would his own child. It wasn’t very long before Winnie began to gain a reputation as a thief. Soon, everyone knew that the Shadow Kitten, her alias when committing crimes, was not one to be trifled with.

Winnie might have continued her life of crime, except for a few chance occurances. The first was that her mentor and father figure was kidnapped by the Underground. Since they held him, she had to obey them. However, whatever trust or loyalty she might have felt to the organization was gone. She now worked with one goal: to find a way to free Bradley.

Soon after Bradley’s disappearance, a prominant North Lake family was murdered in their home. Winnie used her connections within the Underground to learn the reason for the murders. When she was captured by Shynian Intelligence, she used that knowledge as leverage to secure her freedom. The Underground is going to wish they hadn’t crossed paths with this “black cat” by the time she’s through.

Ezra Finian Pemberton

Ezra was born in the Shynian town of Far Hollow to Allan and Maeve Pemberton. His parents gave him the name Finian, because he was small and fair. As he grew older, he proved to be quite gifted in the fine arts of painting and sculpting. His father encouraged these interests, in spite of his mother’s obvious displeasure.

When Ezra was nearly seven years old, his gift with magic first appeared. His first spell was to enchant a sculpture of a horse that he had crafted to run around a field. Shortly afterwards, he became the apprentice of Chloe Winters. She gave him the name of Ezra, derived from a Shynain word meaning “dear child” and refering to people with an “innocent” personality.

Ezra enjoyed being with his new master and worked hard to please her. However, as he neared mastery, it became apparant that a concentrated study of magic was not healthy for Ezra. Whenever he would perform spells, he would absorb the rebound into his aura. This set off interference ripples in his aura that threatened his life. He was released from his contract before mastering his power.

Dejected, Ezra drifted for a couple years. Eventually, he returned to painting and sculpting, as a way to make some money. A member of the Underground noticed his skill and recruited him for the organization. In exchange for crafting whatever work of art the Underground might request of him, they set him up in a nice apartment. Before long, he was able to open an art gallery on the lower level of the building in which he lived.

He lived a double life from that point on. By day, he was the well known art dealer known as Ezra Pemberton. However, at night, he would forge priceless works of art. These, he would sign with a small, stylized fox. Due to this signature, people who found it began calling him “the Fox”. Since it was near his own name (Pember is the Shynian word for Fox), he kept the name for use in his Underground activities. Things might have remained this way for him, if not for two very clever members of Shynian Intelligence.

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