Another little drabble, this one is inspired by the opening scene of “The Arabian Affair.”  The title was the prompt.


Normally, Illya had to wear black to blend in and he had to cover his pale locks.  There were, however, those rare times when being fair was an asset.  In the desert, he wore tan and didn’t bother to cover his sandy locks.  Sprawled on top of the dune, watching the secret laboratory, he was virtually invisible.

Of course, he probably should have worn a hat.  His flesh was as fair as his hair.  The exposed skin on his face could burn under that sun.  However, he had other things on his mind.  How was he meant to get inside?


Another Man from UNCLE drabble.  This one was inspired by the episode, “The Ultimate Computer Affair.”  The title is the prompt word.


It had been a tough mission that had left Illya in a foul mood.  He was tired, sunburned, blistered and ravenously hungry.  Now, Miss Oliver was cross with Napoleon too.  Had she really believed she was the only one?  Perhaps.  Illya knew that Napoleon wasn’t any happier just then than he was.

Heaving a sigh, Illya glanced back at his partner.  “We’re going to need clothes and… a room for the night?”

“Lotion for your sunburns,” Napoleon murmured, nodding.  His brows furrowed.  “Do you remember the number for the expense account?”  At Illya’s nod, he smiled.  “It’s UNCLE’s treat, then.”


My sister found a bunch of one word prompts that I’ve decided to use.  This one relates to a scene in an episode of “The Man from UNCLE” (a new fandom for me) – “The Re-Collectors Affair”.


Illya could not help but smile faintly as he watched Lisa enjoying the music that was floating out of the radio.  A glance towards the door made his smile grow.

Lisa’s movements had been elegant as she moved to the beat.  Napoleon’s were a bit awkward – a bit off the proper rhythm.  However, somehow, it brought him more pleasure.  Perhaps because Napoleon had returned.

Illya shut his eyes behind the shaded lenses, pretending to be asleep as Napoleon slipped around behind the couch to turn off the radio.  When Napoleon settled on the back of the couch, Illya sat up.

In the Attic

Where did they follow Berling?


Calliope wasn’t sure what she was expecting when they followed Berling.  However, she was sure it wasn’t the place he led them to.  Still, she had to admit that it had potential.  She looked at Berling.  “Are you sure that your dad won’t mind?”

“He never even comes up here,” Berling said, shrugging.  He grimaced at Johannes and Maggie.  “I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it, though.”

“Why?” Johannes said, frowning.  “Because it’s the attic?  I think it’ll be pretty cool, once we clean it up a bit.”

“Hang curtains,” Maggie agreed.  “Put up a table and a bookshelf.”

A Place for Ourselves

Another series of drabbles…


Johannes looked around the front yard to his friends were sitting.  “We need someplace for us,” he said.  When Calliope frowned, he added, “My sisters and their friends have their playhouse.  We need someplace like that!”

For a moment, they all just stared at each other.  Then, Berling took a deep breath.  “I might know of someplace like that,” he said.  All eyes turned to him and he smiled.  “No one would bother us and it would be easy to get to and we could keep our stuff there.”

Calliope grinned.  Bouncing to her feet, she said, “Lead the way!”

The Answer

Zack started to speak, but Mykolas made a hushing motion.  Then, he moved towards the knocking sound with Zack close behind him.  When the knocking came again, he poked his head around the door.

The little black cat froze.  It stared at him with wide eyes before going back to pawing at the broom.  The sound of knocking floated through the kitchen.

“Dark,” Mykolas snapped, stalking forward.  He lifted the cat into his arms.  “You don’t belong in the kitchen.”  He brought the cat to the window in the dining room and set it down.  “Stay there,” Mykolas said firmly.

Rather Unnerving, Eh?

The scene repeated itself twice more, until Zack arrived.  By then, Mykolas was on edge.  He nearly jumped out of his skin when his co-worker shoved the kitchen doors opened and headed over to the sink to wash his hands.  As it was, he dropped the spatula he’d been using to stir the macaroons.

“What’s up?” Zack asked, frowning as Mykolas retrieved the spatula.

Mykolas flushed.  “Nothing,” he said.  “Just… jumpy.”  He tossed the utensil in the sink and retrieved a clean one.  Then, he tried to focus on his work.  He spun to Zack when there was another knock.

Who’s There?

Another series of drabbles for this month…


Mykolas was humming softly to himself as he mixed the ingredients for the kugela.  Once he was done mixing them together, the ingredients would cook for nearly two hours.  That would give him plenty of time to prepare some of the other dishes for the day.

He was just putting the dish in the oven when he heard someone knock at the door.  He frowned and shut the oven.  Then, he stepped over to the door and peered out.  No one?

Maybe the knocking was at the kitchen door?  He went inside and looked into the dining room.  No one…

Pushing Their Luck

“Are you done coloring?” Berling asked, nodding towards Johannes’s book.

Shrugging, Johannes said, “I am for now.”  He squinted up at the sky.  Clouds had begun to gather and they had the look of rain about them.  They were dark and looming.  “I think I’ve pushed my luck as far as I should for one day,” he said.

Calliope looked up at the sky and frowned.  “Where’d those clouds come from?” she asked.  She shook her head at Leonas.  “It wasn’t like that when we came out.  That’s why I wore my hat.”

“Hans’s right.  Let’s get inside,” he said.

Together Again

Johannes looked up when he heard feet running over the grass.  “And, you’re back,” he said, smirking at his cousin.

“Did you miss me?  Were you going to cry?” Leonas said, settling down in the grass beside him.  Their friends joined him a moment later.

“I may have done.  I was bereft without you,” Johannes said, nodding.

“Cally pointed out that we shouldn’t leave you alone.”

“I doubt there’s going to be any danger on the school grounds,” Johannes said, rolling his eyes.  Then, he folded his coloring book closed.  “Though, we can’t be too careful.  Right?”

“Right,” Calliope said.

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