The “Know Your Character” Quiz

This quiz began as a thread on the NaNoWriMo boards. Each poster added a questions, so that it grew with each new posting. It took me a while, but I answered the questions for Ezra and Logan. It’s worth noting that the character’s views seldom reflect my own.

1. What is your character’s name?
Ezra Finian Sweetin and Logan Rembrandt Starke

2. Give a brief description of their appearance:
Ezra: about 5’3”, light build, blond hair, blue eyes, glasses
Logan: about 5’7”, wiry build, best described as lanky, messy brown hair, brown eyes, pale

3. What is your character’s occupation or role in society?
Ezra: An artist, gallery owner and con-man, working for the Organization (an organized crime syndicate) and reporting to the Agency (government intelligence).
Logan: An agent for Shynian Intelligence

4. What does your character care about most in life?
Ezra: his artwork
Logan: Cyrus

5. What would make your character cringe, catch their breath or burn with shame?
Ezra: His problems with working magic, he feels like he disappointed his master
Logan: That he has so much trouble finding Ezra, when he runs away

6. How old is you character?
Ezra: 25 years
Logan: 30 years

7. Who does your character look up to most?
Ezra: His father
Logan: Keenan? (the sovereign of the land)

8. What is your character’s favourite food?
Ezra: Not porridge! Peach cobbler
Logan: Sausages with peppers and onions

9. Any family?
Ezra: His mother is still around, he also has several cousins, aunts and uncles
Logan: his parents and two little sisters.

10. Something they regret?
Ezra: Falling in with the Organization in the first place
Logan: Lying to Cyrus so often

11. Favourite memory?
Ezra: Going to the National Art Gallery with his father when he was a little boy.
Logan: The day he first met Cyrus

12. Best friend(s)?
Ezra: Winnie, Devin
Logan: Cyrus

13. What is your character’s destination?
Ezra: “Away from here” – he’s running away from people who want to kill him
Logan: Wherever Ezra is hiding himself

14. What does your character hate the most?
Ezra: Lying to people, people who lie to him
Logan: Cheaters….

15. Does your character have a nickname?
Ezra: No… Fox?
Logan: Cyrus calls him “Remy”

16. What makes your character the happiest?
Ezra: Working on a new original piece
Logan: Being with Cyrus

17. What is your character’s favourite vacation spot?
Ezra: The beach
Logan: The forest

18. Character’s hobby(ies)?
Ezra: singing, writing, playing music
Logan: flirting

19. Character’s favourite colour?
Both of them like burgundy

20. Favourite genre of music?
Ezra: doesn’t have one. He likes all kinds of music.
Logan: Jazz

21. Greatest aspiration?
Ezra: To be well known as an artist in his own right.
Logan: He just wants to make Cyrus happy…

22. Is there anyone they would be willing to die for?
Ezra: No…
Logan: Cyrus and his country.

23. Least favourite chore?
Ezra: cleaning paintbrushes
Logan: the dishes

24. What is their annual income?
Ezra: It depends, but it’s usually on the higher end of the scale.
Logan: A pittance.

25. What does s/he spend her/his money on?
Ezra: Whatever he wants… the normal things, supplies for work and then fun stuff
Logan: Whatever he absolutely needs.

26. What kind of a house do they live in?
Ezra: He has a loft apartment over his art gallery.
Logan: He has a one room flat in government housing.

27. What would they do if someone attacked them?
Ezra: panic
Logan: defend himself

28. Favourite sweet (candy/pastry/dessert)?
Ezra: Peach cobbler (same as his favorite food)
Logan: Ice cream sandwiches

29. Weirdest dream they’ve ever had?
Ezra: Hands were reaching out of the bed, tearing his clothing off and trying to kill him
Logan: dreamt he ate Cyrus once…

30. Phobia?
Ezra: Being alone
Logan: losing control

31. Given the chance to leave home, would your character go?
Ezra: Yes and if he could choose his destination, he’d go to the south shore of Cygma
Logan: No, he enjoys his home

32. Does your character have a love interest?
Both of them do, although Logan doesn’t always act like he has.

33. If your world has places like Heaven and Hell after they die, where do they think they are going?
Both of them think they’ll go to Heaven.

34. Is your character a dog or a cat person?
Both prefer cats.

35. If your character were surrounded by a group of bandits, who would win?
Ezra: The bandits
Logan: He would

36: What is your character’s most prized possession?
Ezra: The spellbook his father gave him when he went off to study magic
Logan: A locket Cyrus gave him

37. Which is more important to your character, the law or justice?
Justice is more important to both of them.

38. The character is in a new place and hopelessly lost. What do they do?
Ezra: ask directions at a business, like an inn or something
Logan: explore and find his own way

39. Do they have any habits their colleagues find odd?
Ezra: He talks to his animals like they are children
Logan: He talks to himself

40. Is the character congruent with the setting, or is he/she ahead of his/her time/culture?
Both are pretty congruent with their setting.

41: In which situations, if any, does the character consider killing to be an acceptable answer?
Ezra: Only if there’s no other choice – if by not killing someone, you or someone you love will be killed.
Logan: If there’s no other choice or if the situation is, somehow, outside of your control (accidentally killing someone).

42: In what situation would the character believe his/her allies had betrayed them, and how would he/she deal with it?
Ezra: If people came after him (whether from the Organization or the Agency or the Wardens). He would be very angry and run away and not talk to them.
Logan: If his cover was somehow blown. He’d demand an explanation.

43: What’s your character’s first memory?
Ezra: Sitting in his father’s lap, while they colored together
Logan: Being molested by his uncle…

44: What religion are they?
Ezra is a Shynian Methodist, Logan is a Cygman Catholic; both are flavors of Christianity.

45: Optimist or pessimist?
Both consider themselves to be optimists, but Ezra has some moments of pessimism.

46: What is their idea of a perfect day?
Ezra: Getting up slowly, going to the beach because it’s sunny and warm, with just a bit of a breeze off the water, and painting all day long.
Logan: Any day he wakes up beside Cyrus is perfect…

47: What do they think of animal rights?
Ezra: Animals were placed here for us to take care of. People who cause them needless pain should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. That’s not to say we shouldn’t eat them, but there’s no reason for them to suffer…
Logan: Animals are animals. There’s no reason for them to be mistreated, but it’s not like they have complex emotions.

48: Do they appreciate fine art?
Both of them appreciate fine art…

49: What is your characters favourite alcoholic beverage?
Neither of them drink regularly, but Ezra will enjoy bourbon, given the opportunity.

50: Is your character more angsty or more comedic?

51: What level of intelligence does your character possess?
Above average

52: Is your character immortal?

53: Does he/she have any nervous habits?
Ezra: paces, tugs on his fingers
Logan: plays with his hair

54: What weapons does your character use?
Ezra: none
Logan: dartbow, dartgun

55. Preferred transportation method?
Ezra: Prefers rail transport or his scooter.
Logan: would rather drive his car…

56. How many names has your character legally held?
Ezra: He’s at three right now, two by the time of the story
Logan: One

57. Has your character ever been homeless?
Ezra: After he left his apprenticeship, he had nowhere to go. That was how he fell in with the Organization. For a time, he lived on the streets. Logan has never been homeless…

58. Does your character talk to more people than he/she kills?

59. What is your character’s pet peeve, what annoys your character?
Ezra: People who don’t give others a chance to explain their actions
Logan: People who rush…

60. If given a choice of the (death penalty) or (life in prison with no hope of escape and no hope of parole) what would your character choose?
Ezra: death
Logan: Life

61. What is your character’s biggest regret?

62. What would it take to make your character snap?
Ezra: He gets pushed around enough – threatened, coerced, forced to do things he doesn’t want to. Eventually, he reaches the point where he’s had enough.
Logan: The full moon…

63. Does your character sometimes have conflictions between the real world and what he would like his to be, his “fantasy” world?
Not really.

64. What deadly sin does your character most represent?
Ezra would be Pride; Logan would be Wrath

65. What heavenly virtue does your character most represent?
Ezra would be Diligence; Logan would be Temperance

66. What’s more important for your character: to be loved or respected?
Both of them feel that being loved is more important.

67. Is your character a romantic or a realist?
Ezra tends to be more of a realist, but he wishes he were more romantic. Logan is a romantic.

68. What’s your character’s favourite weather?
Ezra: sunny, warm, with just a bit of a breeze
Logan: brisk, overcast and snowy (not heavy snow, just light snow)

69. Does your character have an arch-nemesis?
Ezra is, for the sake of this story, Logan’s nemesis and vice versa.

70. Can your character use magic?
Ezra is a magician, at the start of this novel, he regains the ability to use magic, but he is only a student. Logan has no magic.

71. What kind of clothes does your character favour?
Ezra: He tends to wear comfortable, fashionable clothing and prefers to blend in with what people around him are wearing. Whatever he wears, he adds something that makes it unique.
Logan: He typically wears business attire that can best be termed “frumpy”, as if he cannot find anything that fits him properly.

72. Does your character lead, follow, or stand alone?
Ezra tends to follow or stand alone, with a preference for doing his own thing. Logan prefers to follow, but will lead.

73. Is your character an introvert or extrovert?
Both are extroverts.

74. Has your character ever pissed some high up magical being off?

75. Does your character ever wish that he/she could be someone else?
Ezra does, but not Logan.

76. How many siblings does your character have and how does this affect his / her personality?
Ezra is an only child, which taught him a degree of independence, since he always had to entertain himself. Logan is the oldest, so he tends to be protective of people younger than him, falling into the role of “big brother” at the slightest provocation.

77. Does your character love to read?
Ezra loves reading, as well as writing. Logan would rather not read, but will if he can’t get information any other way.

78. Does your character smoke?
Ezra does not, but Logan does.

79. If someone dropped a gold coin in front of your character and didn’t realize it would they keep it or give it back?
If the person was right there, Ezra would give it back. If he had to chase them down, he would just pocket it. Logan would go as far as chasing them down.

80. If you had to describe your character in one word what would it be?
Ezra: Cunning, Logan: dangerous.

81. What is your character’s favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Ezra: coffee with milk and sugar
Logan: iced tea with mint

82. What is your character’s favourite landscape?
Ezra: Like the view of forests and low hills, especially at sunset or dawn.
Logan: Enjoys a romantic view of moorland.

85. Did your character come to you fully formed or are they still evolving?
Both characters continue to evolve.

86. What is your character’s role in the story?
Ezra is the main character, Logan is an important secondary character.

87. What species are they?
Both are human, but Logan has lycanthropy.

88. What is their relationship with their parents like?
Ezra’s relationship with his mother could best be described as strained. He loves and misses his father terribly. Logan hasn’t spoken to his parents since he was infected with lycanthropy.

89. What is their favourite fairytale-type story?
Ezra: the story of Icarus. Logan: The Elves and the Shoemaker

90. Let’s say your character had to have a MySpace: who would be in their top 8?
Ezra: Winnie, Devin, Chris, Morgan, his mother, his cousins
Logan: his teammates, his sisters

91. What do they desire more than anything?
Ezra: to get out from under the thumb of Johannes Keller.
Logan: to find a cure for lycanthropy.

92. Describe their bedroom.
Ezra: Large, with windows covering most of one wall. A large bed is perpendicular to the wall on which the door is found. A dresser is adjacent to it, with screens beside it hiding the door to the bathroom.
Logan: His bed is a pallet that he rolls out in his living space. There are also low cushions to sit on, an electric stove that he cooks on and a low table/desk where he eats and does his work.

93. Does your character have a high tolerance for pain (both physical and mental)?
Ezra does not, but Logan’s experience with lycanthropy has increased his tolerance to pain.

94. How does your character deal with strong, negative emotions?
Ezra vents his emotions, Logan tries to let them go.

95. What would happen if you killed off your character?
I would cry.

96. Is your character organized or neat?
Ezra is very organized, Logan is not.

97. Does your character take the easy way or prefer a challenge?
Ezra will take the easy route every time. Logan prefers a challenge, unless he’s in a hurry.

98. What is his/her key personality trait?
Ezra: tenacious, Logan: calm

99. Does your character have any pets?
Ezra has a dog named Josiah and a cat named Mischief. Animals don’t normally like Logan.

100. Character’s favourite season?
Ezra prefers the summer, but Logan is partial to winter.

101. Does your character prefer subtlety or brute force?
Ezra is all about subtlety, but Logan is more prone to brute force.

102. Are they patriotic about their country/realm/city?
Ezra most certainly is not, but Logan is much more patriotic.

103. Do they prefer the comforts of home or roughing it in the wild?
Both prefer the comforts of home.

104. When/to whom was your character’s first kiss?
Ezra’s first kiss when to Devin, who caught him by surprise. Logan’s first kiss happened when he was five years old, to a girl in his nursery school class.

105. What is his idea of the perfect romantic evening?
Ezra’s idea of a romantic evening would be a seaside dinner, followed by him drawing his date… as nature intended. Logan’s idea of a romantic evening is cuddling on the couch with his date.

106. If he could choose how he would die, how would it be?
Ezra: quietly in his sleep, when he is very old.
Logan: quickly, so that he can’t see it coming.

107. If there was one thing your character could change about their past, what would it be?
Ezra would have said no when Keller asked to be his patron. Logan wouldn’t have taken that left turn down the alley.

108. If your character had to choose between their one true love or the good of the world, what would they choose?
Ezra would choose his one true love. Logan would choose the good of the world, but it would tear him up to do so.

109. If your character could be anything from fireman to pumpkin, what would they be?
Ezra would be a cat. Logan would be a normal person.

110. When decisions need to be made, is your character more a logical type, or do they let their feelings affect their choice?
Ezra always goes with his heart. Logan tries to be logical, but usually goes with his heart too.

111. Does magic exist openly in your character’s world? What’s their opinion on it?
Yes, Ezra is a mage. Logan doesn’t understand it, but he trusts it.

112. Does your character speak more than one language?
Ezra: Kenzyan, Clamorian Shynian, Cygman, English
Logan: courtly Shynian, Kenzyan, Dunarine Shynian

113. What is the hardest thing about your character’s daily life?
Ezra: having to balance his desire to do what’s right with his desire not to be killed by the Organization
Logan: dealing with the constant effects of lycanthropy on his health.

114. Does your character think that (s)he’s attractive?
Ezra does, but Logan realizes he far too gangly to be attractive to most people.

115. Can your character dance?
Both of them dance quite well.

116. What does you character usually have for breakfast?
Ezra: fruit, coffee, an egg on toast
Logan: sausage, biscuit with brown gravy.

117. Does your character have a good notion of geography?
Ezra knows the major landmarks around him, but has no concept of scale. Logan is fairly good with geography.

118. If your character plays rock-paper-scissors, which is he/she likely to choose first?
Ezra: paper; Logan: scissors (Which is why Logan will win!)

119. Is your character dependable for others around him?
Both of them are usually dependable, sometimes Ezra lets his fear get the better of him.

120. At any occasion did your character come close to losing his mind?
Ezra: When he was in prison
Logan: When he first learned he had lycanthropy

121. If given the chance, will your character lead his people or will he stand alone and allow someone else to become figurehead?
If it came down to something like that, Logan would follow someone else, so would Ezra.

122. If your character was crippled for life what would he/she do?
Both of them would try to carry on as best as they could. Ezra would try to find ways to compensate for his new limitations. He wouldn’t let it stop him from living life to the fullest.

123. If your character became a parent how would it affect them?
Ezra would be afraid that he’d either die young, like his father, or be as bad at it as him mother is. It would make him much more careful about what he does and the decisions he makes. Logan would probably find another job, so that he could be home more often and get a better home.

124. What is your character’s most painful memory?
Ezra: his father’s death.
Logan: when he became a werewolf.

125. What is your figment’s favourite animal?
Ezra likes cats. Logan’s favorite animal is crickets.

126. What would they do if they were offered whatever they wanted?
Ezra would be immediately suspicious about what the person offering wanted in exchange. Logan would be grateful.

127. What is their definition of home?
Ezra: where he can be happy and feel safe.
Logan: wherever Cyrus is.

128. If your character were to win the lottery or come into large amounts of money – what would be the first thing they would buy with it?
Ezra: invest it in a program to teach youngsters about the fine arts.
Logan: a real house and the furnishings to go with it!

129. What is your character’s favourite element?
Ezra: water; Logan: fire

130. What one thing would your character happily give up?
Neither of them would happily give up anything. Logan would reluctantly give things up, if he could see some greater good in it.

131. Does he/she have any addictions?
Ezra: coffee, Logan: none

132. Will he/she end up becoming a noble/king/queen/etc.?

133. Has he/she ever survived a natural disaster?
Ezra survived a severe storm in Piedmont. Logan survived severe flooding that hit North Lake several years ago.

134. Does your character have any items they ALWAYS have with them?
Ezra: his sketchbook and pencils.
Logan: the locket Cyrus gave him.

135. If you character could change one thing about their body, what would it be?
Ezra would love to be taller and stronger. Logan would want to not have lycanthropy.

136. Does your character have a sidekick?
Mischief is Ezra’s sidekick. Logan doesn’t have one.

137. Which event or encounter changed your characters life?
Ezra: Meeting Devin
Logan: Becoming a werewolf

138. What do other people think about your character in general? Does he/she have some kind of reputation?
Ezra: Most people, when first meeting him, see him as a refined gentleman. He has a reputation as a slightly odd, but very creative person.
Logan: The first thing most people notice when they first meet him is how sickly he looks. He has a reputation for getting the job done.

139. Does the fact that your character has never done something before increase or decrease its appeal to them?
Ezra: Since he’s not adventurous, having not done something decreases its appeal.
Logan: Is more adventurous and, therefore, more open to trying new things.

140. How many times a day does your character look in a mirror?
Ezra: Probably three or four times, just often enough to make sure he’s presentable.
Logan: Avoids them, if possible.

141. Is it easy for your character to ask for help when s/he needs it?
Ezra: Definitely not.
Logan: Yes.

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