Conversations – Part 1

Answering the character quiz spawned all manner of interesting conversations. Interviewing characters is a great way to get to know them. Their answers are, obviously, helpful. However, even more than that, it can give you a chance to see them interact. It’s an exercis of the imagination. Obviously, I don’t actually think I talked to figments of my own mind.

Me: Here’s an easy one: What are your names?
Ezra: Ezra Finian Sweetin, well… it’s Pemberton now.
Me: But when the story is set, you’re still using Sweetin.
Ezra: Right!
Logan: I’m Logan Starke.
Me: Middle name?
Logan: Philippe…
Ezra: Are you kidding me?
Me: His middle name is Rembrandt.
Logan: Then… who’s Philippe?
Cyrus: I am!
Logan: Oh…
Me: Cyrus Philippe? Okay… you guys have some strange names.

Me: What does your character care about most in life?
Logan: Cyrus.
Ezra: Y’all are so sweet!
Me: What about you, Ezra?
Ezra: Um… my artwork?
Me: Oh… sorry.
Ezra: Why are you sorry?
Me: Moving on…
Ezra: No! Why are you sorry?
Me: What would make your character cringe, catch their breath or burn with shame?
Ezra: But, why are you sorry?

Me: How old are your characters?
Ezra: Now? Or then?
Me: At the time of the story…
Ezra: I… don’t know.
Logan: Make him 23 years old and I’ll be 30.
Me: I think your math fails, Logan, but we’ll go with that for now.
Ezra: I… should be older. Right?
Me: You’d been with the Underground for 10 years in the first story. Unless you were a child…
Ezra: I was thirteen… I’d just left my master.
Me: Hmm… 24-25 then. We’ll err on the side of caution and make you 25 years old. We’ll leave Logan at 30, though.
Logan: Thank you!

I’ll post more later…

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