Conversations – Part 2

These are some more conversations that were spawned from doing the quiz.

Me: Favorite food?
Ezra: Not porridge!
Me: No, we established that in the Dolphin RP. You hate porridge.
Ezra: I tolerate it… Peaches! I love peach cobbler!
Logan: Sausages!
Me: Sausages?
Logan: With peppers and onions.
Me: Mmmm… that is good!

Me: Destination?
Ezra: Away from here?
Logan: Wherever Ezra goes… isn’t that the point of the story? He runs, I chase?
Me: Pretty much.

Me: Nicknames?
Ezra: I… don’t have one. Everyone calls me by my name.
Me: Winnie calls you Fox… actually, loads of people call you that. Fox and Little Fox.
Ezra: That’s a nickname?
Logan: Um… yeah! Mine’s Remy, but only Cyrus calls me that.

Me: Okay, boys. What are your hobbies?
Ezra: Singing… writing music and stories and poems…
Logan: You write poems? Me too!
Me: Is that a hobby?
Logan: Not really… I just write dirty limericks.
Ezra: I also play music – like, on the piano or the guitar or the violin…
Me: All right. What about drawing?
Ezra: That’s not a hobby. That’s my job.
Me: All right… Logan, what are your hobbies?
Logan: Oh, look… favorite color.
Ezra: I like burgundy!
Me: That goes without saying.
Logan: Me too!
Ezra: Oh, dear Lord, something we actually agree on!
Me: That’s the next question. Logan, what are your hobbies?
Logan: Aren’t you going to write down our favorite color?
Me: Fine! *writes it down* Now, hobby?
Logan: Does flirting count?
Me: … >_<

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