Conversations – Part 3

Some more results from asking my characters questions from the “Know Your Characters” quiz:

Me: Would either of you be willing to die for someone?
Ezra: God, no!
Logan: Because you’re a coward.
Ezra: Because I’m not a fool!
Me: Logan? What about you?
Logan: Cyrus… I’d die for him.
Ezra: You’d die for your country too. All the agents are like that: Crazy fools!
Logan: Um… you’re an agent now…
Ezra: All the agents but me, then!

Me: What’s your yearly income?
Ezra: Lord… who knows? It depends on how many paintings I sell and how many… shall we call them “commissions” I get from the Organization. Let’s just say that I live comfortably.
Logan: The Agency pays me a pittance.
Me: Don’t you teach too?
Logan: Teachers aren’t paid much better.
Me: So, what do you spend your money on?
Ezra: Taxes, first. Then… the usual things: food, clothes, supplies for my artwork. Whatever is left over, I use for fun things.
Logan: Just the necessities.
Ezra: My Lord! Your life sucks!
Logan: Tell me about it!
Me: Moving on: Where do you live?
Ezra: I’ve got that loft above my gallery. I own the whole building.
Logan: A one room flat in government housing.
Me: I thought you lived at Tia’s place?
Logan: In one room!
Me: It’s a mansion.
Logan: So, that just makes it a big room.

Me: What would they do if someone attacked them?
Ezra: Cry!
Logan: I don’t doubt it. I’d go wolf and rip them apart.
Ezra: You haven’t got control of your transformations!
Logan: True, I suppose. I guess I’d just shoot them.
Me: All right, then.

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