Conversations – Part 5

The last set of conversations that happened while I answered the Character quiz:

Me: Okay, any habits that they have that are strange?
Cyrus: Logan talks to himself – he argues with himself.
Chris: On that same topic, Ezra talks to his cat like she can understand him…
Ezra: She can!
Chris: It’s still strange, Ezra.

Me: Optimist or Pessimist?
Ezra: Realist! Pragmatist!
Me: Yeah, but do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full?
Ezra: If it’s not full, what difference does it make?
Logan: He’s a pessimist, but I’m an optimist.
Ezra: I was confident that Winnie would recover. That makes me an optimist!

Me: Does your character talk to more people than he or she kills?
Ezra: No, I kill everyone I meet! Seriously, what kind of person would say “No” to that?
Logan: …
Me: Logan?
Logan: I think the people I’ve spoken to out numbers those I’ve killed…
Ezra: What?!
Logan: Hello? I’m a werewolf! I don’t know what happens when I turn!
Ezra: You kill people?
Logan: Not… lately…
Ezra: This? This is the man that’s going to protect me?
Me: Yes… and the full moon will come while he’s doing that.
Ezra: *whimpers*

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