Conversations – Part 6

Me: So, I’m going to be writing this as a “Choose your own adventure” type story.
Ezra: How’s that going to work… for the continuity, I mean… What… path is the right one?
Me: The one I originally started off with. All the branch-offs are just going to be “could have beens”.
Ezra: I guess that makes sense.
Logan: What sort of things are you thinking will happen?
Me: Oh, I’ve got a few where Keller captures Ezra!
Ezra: What?!
Me: Yeah, and he makes you his slave – locks you up to make whatever he tells you to.
Ezra: I don’t like the sound of that!
Logan: They’re just possible outcomes, Ezra. Relax.
Ezra: You relax! You’re not the one who’ll be enslaved.
Me: I also think I’ll have a few where you’re killed.
Ezra: Killed!
Me: Sure! It’ll be great fun!
Ezra: For whom?
Me: Me, of course! It’ll be the first time I can write a death scene without the guilt.
Logan: You really are a sadist!
Me: Yes… I’m the evil twin.
Ezra: Why don’t you write about Keenan instead?
Me: Because… I wanna write about you!
Ezra: But… you already plan to maim me… now you’re going to kill me too?
Me: Over and over again! It’ll be so much fun! *evil laughter*
Logan: Who’s going to kill him?
Me: Severin will, at least once. I think you will too.
Both: What!
Logan: But… I don’t want to kill him.
Me: You’ll be all wolfed up, honey. You won’t be in your right mind.
Logan: … Wolfed… up?
Ezra: I don’t wanna die! *starts sobbing*
Me: November is going to be so much fun!

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