Conversations – Part 7

This one happened because I was surfing the forums one morning:

Ezra: Why do you want to know how to describe a dangerous mental attack?
Me: Because, Fox, that’s what is going to happen to you in the cafe when you try to tell Morgan what’s going on.
Ezra: Who’s going to attack me?
Me: I haven’t decided yet… maybe Severin. We know he can get into your head and read your thoughts.
Ezra: *whimpers*
Logan: *begins snickering*
Ezra: It’s not funny!
Me: I think it’d be great if he literally paralyzed you! Oh, you’d be so frightened!
Ezra: I already am!
Logan: *begins laughing*
Ezra: Stop laughing! It’s not funny!
Me: Maybe he could blind you or control you…
Ezra: Are you kidding me?
Me: I think you’ll have to get attacked a couple times. Maybe when he first comes in to check on your progress too.
Ezra: And then I lie to him?
Me: That’s one possibility, yes.
Logan: I think the author likes you too much, Ezra.
Ezra: You think she likes me?
Me: You always hurt the ones you love.
Ezra: You like Keenan more than me!
Me: I try not to play favorites. ^_^

This, in response to a note I left in the roleplay forums:

Ezra: Did you just call me “Ez”?
Logan: He hates that.
Me: It’s faster and they don’t know your real nickname.
Ezra: Is it really so hard to type out two more letters?
Me: Yes, Ezra. Yes, it is.
Ezra: You – you just called me that because you know I don’t like it!
Me: No! Would I do that?
Ezra: I think you would.

I did…

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