An Explanation of the Pemberton-Stenoluchen Connection

by Ezra Pemberton

Well, anyone who knows anything about naming systems from our world can see two things right away. The first is that Stenoluchen is a Cygman name. The second is that it belongs to a psychic clan.

Sometime in the past, even we aren’t sure quite when, a person from the Stenoluchen clan of Cygma married a person from the Westhaven clan of the Shynian Basin. The Westhavens were powerful apothecaries and magicians. At that point, the Stenoluchen clan split. One part of the clan remained in Cygma – they aren’t effected by Stenoluchen Syndrome, since they have no magic. The other part of the clan settled in the Shynian Basin, but kept the name of their Root Clan. This side of the clan is effected by Stenoluchen Syndrome.

The family grew, as families will. By the time of the Occupation of Loyalia, they were a fairly prominant family. That prominance, along with their strong magic and psychic abilities made them targets for the occupying forces. One branch of the family fled to Terra, another fled to Mnemoria, in the Point and the third remained in the Shynian Basin, but adopted an assumed name, that being Stenorick.

I’m a bit fuzzy on the family line in Mnemoria. What I do know is that they eventually took the name of Southmaid and are, as they were in Shynia, a family of some prominence. Their fame there is due to their activities as privateers, or pirate chasers. That side of the family, perhaps because of how they utilize their gifts, is rather uneffected by Stenoluchen Syndrome. Most of them have it to one degree or another, but they reach the point where they die from it.

The Terran line I know much more about. Late in the eighteenth century, a young woman from the Stenoluchen clan settled in the southern United States, in the state of Louisiana. She married a man by the name of Pemberton, a name which I’m sure you all have heard quite a bit of lately. In any case, we know they had only one child: a son. That son had himself a daughter, named Annabelle Maude Pemberton, and a son, named Norman Pemberton.

Annabelle had herself a son, whom she named Ezra. She claimed that his father was Patrick Weston – her husband – but we cannot find any records of their marriage or, indeed, his existance before she claims to have married him. Norman Pemberton had himself a son as well. He named that son Samual Pemberton.

Ezra had a daughter out of wedlock and three children within the bonds of matrimony. Some of these children used the name Weston, while others switched to the name of Pemberton when they reached their majority. Ezra Pemberton Weston was among the people who perished on the Titanic, although he was traveling under an assumed name at the time – we aren’t sure of his reasons for that subterfuge. In any case, his descendents now bear the name Pemberton, Montgomery, Hale and Metternich.

There may be others that we are, as yet unaware of. The most difficult part of following that particular family line is the fact that they all seem so keen on changing their names when it’s convenient. Ezra Pemberton Weston’s oldest child, for example, began her life as Linette Dupres. She was adopted by her father and he changed her name to Linette Pemberton Weston. When she married, her name changed yet again, as was typical of women of the era. However, while one son retained his father’s name, the other changed his name to something else entirely – and we lose track of him as a result. As with his grandfather, we aren’t even sure why he chose to change his name at all.

Samuel Pemberton lived in the New Mexico territory, near his cousin. He married and had a daughter. That daughter, later, moved to California, where she met and married one Josiah Seabohn. That, I am sure, is a name all of you are familiar with. Indeed, Josiah Seabohn and his wife are the ancestors of the current president, Samuel Seabohn.

You may be wondering about the Stenoricks, those who remained in Shynia. Well, they lived in relative obscurity for some time. Then, when the Loyalian Uprising began, they were at the forefront of the resistence. Some of them did things that the occupying government would have killed them for. In order to hide their identities, they took assumed names: Weston and Pemberton being two of the most prominent. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why there are Pembertons in both the United States and Shynia. They aren’t directly related, one merely took the other’s name as a way to hide their true lineage.

((This is written as if the character is giving a speach.))

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