a song of storm and fire

Kit stared out at the rolling clouds of the nebula. It was so much like the clouds in the sky back home. He could almost pick out forms and shapes. One spot in particular captured his attention. He could almost see a woman’s face staring out at him. He was reminded of Sarah, his late wife.

Alexander’s attention was captured by something else entirely. He smiled faintly as he pressed the earpiece closer, so that he could hear even the softest details. “It’s so pretty,” he said, his voice soft. He glanced over at Raven. “The interference in the communications from the nebula sounds almost like music.”

Raven smiled faintly. As Alexander focused on his work, she shook her head. Although there was no denying there was a strange beauty to the nebula, it was nothing amazing. They were everywhere.

All Night Long

Alexander sighed softly. With a growl of frustration, he threw back the blankets. He slipped out of the room and headed down to the cafeteria. “Morning,” he said, sounding just a bit cross.

“Good morning,” Kit said. His brows furrowed slightly and he looked critically at Alexander. “You look tired. Did you just wake up?”

Shaking his head, Alexander said, “I’ve been awake for a while.” He shrugged, settling down across from the captain. “I had some trouble sleeping.”

“How long have you been awake?” Kit asked.

Grimacing, Alexander shrugged. “A while,” he murmured.

You can get there from here

Alexander shifted nervously from one foot to the other. It was always the same when he came to any of the spaceports or stations. There were so many people and so much activity. The moment Robin was out of sight, he’d feel fear bubbling up inside him.

“Excuse me,” a soft voice said.

Alexander looked over his shoulder and blinked. The man was about his height. His messy blond hair fell into his face a bit. Thick brows were drawn low over green eyes. Alexander couldn’t place him, but he was clearly not local.

“Can I help you?” Alexander said, blinking.

The man smiled. “They told me that I could find passage to… Farbird Station from here?” he said, looking a bit nervous.

Alexander nodded. “You can go practically anywhere in the universe from here,” he said. His brows furrowed and he pointed over at the ticket window. “They’ll be able to tell you when the next ship to Farbird Station will be heading out.”

“Thank you,” the man said. Then, he scampered off.

Alexander blinked and then smiled when he saw Robin moving towards him through a break in the crowd. The momentary distraction was all he needed. Now, he wasn’t afraid anymore.

You Never Know

Robin tried to avoid David. He knew the scientist didn’t trust him – didn’t like him. However, no matter what he did, David would find him and start trouble. It seemed that it would always be that way.

Then, they encountered the varikans. Robin, because of Alexander, was the only member of the crew that had a chance of escaping. He’d done his best to rescue the others. That had eased the tension between them.

“Did he really think I’d abandon them?” he asked later.

Alexander just shrugged. “I suppose he did,” he said. “He doesn’t know you like I do.”


Alexander stared out through the porthole, down at Ekudo. They were leaving their only home far behind. With this mission, it would be years before they returned. That was, Robin insisted, the only way to truly be safe from Keller.

“All right, Al?” Robin said, his voice soft.

Glancing over his shoulder, Alexander nodded. “I don’t like keeping secrets,” he said, his voice soft. “I feel like… what would happen if we told them?”

Robin sighed and shook his head. “I’d be arrested, at least,” he said, his voice faint. He shook his head again. “Just keep the secret, Al.”

Watching and Waiting

Ophelia frowned slightly at Alexander. He was the only member of the main crew – those that were with the Agency – that had yet to come to her for advice or counseling. She could tell there was something on his mind, but he seemed afraid to tell her.

Alexander seemed to notice her scrutiny. He looked over at her, scowling. “Why are you always… staring at me?” he asked, a faint flush staining his cheeks.

“Well,” Ophelia said, stepping closer, “you seem to have something on your mind. I just… I’m waiting for you to tell me what it might be.”

Going Nowhere

Prompt: wanderer broken down before the wind

Robin frowned at the sails. They were billowing cheerfully in the wind and yet, for some reason, the ship wasn’t moving. It was exactly counter to what was meant to happen. He glanced over his shoulder at Alexander. “Why aren’t we moving?”

“Wind’s are wrong,” Alexander said, staring up at the sails. He looked at Robin and shrugged. “The magic current is flowing opposite the direction the winds are going and we’re meant to go with that current.”

“So,” Robin said, looking up at the sails once more. “Even though the sails are full, the ship doesn’t use them for propulsion, so we aren’t moving.”

“Basically,” Alexander agreed.

Robin bit off a laugh. “It’s like water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” he said. “We’ve got all the wind we could ask for, but it won’t do it any good.”

Now we’re wearing the same jeans

“We’re dressed alike,” Alexander said, looking from his outfit to the one that Ravin was wearing. He tilted his head to one side. “Same tunic – same slacks, but yours fit you differently.”

Ravin shrugged. “It’s a uniform,” she said. “Everyone on the ship – well, everyone in the crew, at least – is wearing the same outfit.”

“No,” Alexander said, shaking his head. His brows furrowed. “The tunics change, just the slacks stay the same.”

Kit nodded. “The tunics show what part of the ship you work in,” he said. “Since you both work on the bridge, your uniforms are exactly the same.” He smiled and glanced over at Calleigh. “Nice, now that everyone is in uniform.”

“Absolutely,” Calleigh agreed.

My bra is hanging tight

Raven was humming softly to herself, as she got ready for the day. She heard the door slip open and sighed.


“In here,” she called. Without thinking about it, she spun to face the doorway. Alexander was standing there. It was only when she saw his eyes widen and the slight tilt of the head, followed by the slow blink, that she realized her mistake. With a squawk, she put her arms over her chest.

“What do you want?” she shrilled.

Alexander blinked and then dropped his gaze. “Captain wanted you,” he said. He spun away and said, “I’ll tell him you’ll bra – I mean, be right there.”

As he hurried away, Ravin stifled a laugh. “I don’t know who was more embarrassed,” she mused.

Like a virgin touched for the thirty-first time

Alexander came careening out of the room with so much speed that he nearly knocked Robin down. For a moment, their eyes met and Robin saw the tears standing there. He sighed and then looked over at the captain.

“What happened?” Kit said, shaking his head. He looked shocked, as well as worried.

Robin’s hands clenched into fists. “Al’s an Innocent,” he said. “Who knows what set him off.”

“Find out?” Kit suggested.

“I intended to,” Robin growled, as he strode towards the room out of which Alexander had run.

“I meant…” Kit started, as the doors slid open and Robin stepped in. They snapped shut, but the sound of angry shouts came through. “From him?”

The only thing he could make out in Robin’s angry tirade was “Who do you think you are?” If that was how Robin meant to talk to a delegation from another world… Kit definitely needed to defuse the situation.

Kit sighed and looked Ophelia. “Talk to Al,” he said. “I’ll keep Robin from committing homicide.” He didn’t wait for her answer. He merely strode into the room with an airy smile.

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