Another excerpt from my NaNo, this one inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  I can hardly wait until this scene actually comes into the story.


55-5b8661dc87Ronan couldn’t help but feel a little anxious as he made his way across the commissary to where the rest of his squad was seated, along with Brendan, Sorcha and Dermot.

He stopped, blinking when he saw the plate that was set in front of Brendan.  “A bit hungry, are we?” he asked, looking at the other.  He bit off a laugh and sat down.  “Are you really planning to eat all of that, then, or were you intending to share that stack with the table?”

“Look you,” Brendan hissed, snatching up his fork.  “All this sneaking about and spying on my captain… it’s hungry work.”

“You’ve got at least a score of pancakes there, Bren,” Caitlyn said, shaking her head.  “How are you even planning to eat them without the pile toppling over?”

Brendan straightened and looked down at the pile.  The top of it, with the whipped cream and strawberries, was nearly at level with his eyes.  “Carefully,” he said, shrugging.  “I’ll start at the top and work my way down.”

Dermot stifled a laugh and shook his head.  Then, he looked at the others.  “I suppose I should just begin with what Captain Finnegan’s been doing.  Yeah?”

As tempting as it was to watch in silent wonder as Brendan worked his way through the giant stack of pancakes, Ronan had to admit that it would be better to get down to the business at hand.  After all, they didn’t have a lot of time before they all had to get to doing their work for the day.  He nodded and then sat back to eat his fruit salad, while he did his best to pay attention to Dermot’s report and ignore Brendan’s over-consumption of pancakes.