With a Generous Heart

Just a random story with my new characters…


Clay looked up as Schuyler and Greta slipped into the saloon.  Normally, children wouldn’t be allowed inside.  However, it was still early in the day and he could tell that they weren’t there to make trouble.  He smiled as Schuyler stepped up to him.  “Hello, Schuyler,” he said.  Nodding at the girl, he said, “Hello, Miss Greta.”

“Hello, Mr. Stamford,” the pair said together.

Schuyler set the package he was carrying on the bar.  “Your curtains are finished, sir,” he said.

Clay smiled and then nodded.  He unwrapped the bundle and drew out the curtains.  They were exactly what he needed to dress the windows in the saloon.  They would provide a bit of a screen from the outside world, without making the room dark.  They also didn’t look too feminine.

“There are perfect,” he said, nodding in admiration.  He gave Greta the money that they had agreed upon as the price for the curtains.  Then, he gave each child five pennies.  Winking, he said, “That’s your delivery fee.”

“Thank you,” Greta said, hugging the pennies in her fist close to her chest.  Waving, she hurried out of the saloon with Schuyler close on her heels.

Clay watched as the pair hurried into the general store.  They wouldn’t spend all their pennies, but he knew they would buy enough candy to share with their sisters and brothers.  After all, they were the sort of children that never thought only of themselves.  “If only there were more people in the world like them,” Clay mused as he got to work sweeping the floor.