Good Deed for the Day

This is an excerpt from my NaNo. It’s not so much inspired by the phrase prompt (Let a good man do good deeds.), but I felt it fit well with the prompt.


Eoin had to wonder how many of the shadows the apparition was able to summon at one time. It seemed that there was no end to them. No sooner had he taken care of one, when there was another to take its place. Worse, they were preventing him from actually reaching the apparition that was the focus of his attack.

Growling, Eoin leapt upward to land on a tree branch. He paused there for a moment, looking for an opening of some sort. When he spotted it, he leapt again. This time, he landed just feet away from the apparition that had summoned the shadows.

“The battle isn’t going well, little captain,” the man said, his tone teasing. “What will you do now?”

A low growl escaped from Eoin and, without really meaning to, he had lunged forward to catch the man’s arm in his mouth. The apparition let out a howl of pain and rage. He began trying to shake Eoin free, but Eoin held on with both arms and his teeth. He tasting blood and growled again.

Behind him, he could hear the battle turning. Somehow, against the odds, the insane ploy was working. The apparition was too distracted by the attack to keep up his own assault. Then, Eoin heard a cheer and the apparition growled in frustration.

He charged the nearest thing: the gates of the fourth division. Eoin cried out as he was slammed against the hard wooden surface. He crumpled to the ground and the apparition vanished before the defenders could reach him. For a moment, Eoin said on the ground, stunned. Then the gate beside him opened and he looked up to find Captain Desmond frowning at him.

“Captain Finnegan,” he said, his tone one of frustration. “What are we going to do with you?”

Eoin gave a weak laugh. “Tend me I hope,” he said, reaching up to rub at a knot that was forming on his head. “That hurt!” He managed a glare when his words were met with laughter.


Of Secrets

The prompt for this little excerpt was “all the world’s a stage” (Originally from Shakespeare, but I got it from the WriYe DreamWidth).


Dermot chewed at his lip as he made his way through the forest as quietly as possible.  He hated what was happening.  Now that he knew who they were dealing with, the idea of being of any help to the man made him want to scream with rage.  At the same time, he needed to see this through to the end.  It was as if he was an actor in a play.  This was the role he was cast in and he couldn’t argue with the director.  The stakes were higher – much higher.  Still, he would play the role to the best of his ability, at least until something better came along.

So, he was supposed to find out how Eoin and the others were holding up – how they were managing not to go mad with bloodlust.  Well, he knew how Eoin was managing.  What did that leave with Captain Grady and his lieutenant?  How was he meant to explain any of it?  Then, there was the situation with Captain Christy.  How was he to know when she would leave her barracks?

All at once, Dermot was stumbling into a clearing.  Eoin was sitting on a large stone at the center, looking like someone that had just tumbled out of a fairy tale.  His long, blond hair tumbled over his shoulders and down his back to spill over the snowy white cloak he wore.  He was breathtaking in his beauty.  He turned to glance at Dermot and Dermot froze, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Dermot,” Eoin said, his tone thoughtful.  After a moment, his expression changed.  His eyes narrowed and he tilted his head quizzically.  “What’s happened, Derry?”

There was a moment – no longer than the space between one heartbeat and the next – when Dermot considered running.  However, before he could act the choice was taken from him.  Someone caught him around the waist and a hand caught his wrist, preventing him from drawing his sword.  “Lemme go,” Dermot said, squirming helplessly.

“Easy,” Eoin said, moving smoothly to his feet.  He stepped over to Dermot and frowned.  He looked into Dermot’s eyes, setting a hand on his cheek when Dermot fell still.  “Tell me what’s happened.  Let me help.”

Just like that, Dermot was given a new role to play.  He released a shuddering breath and nodded.  This was a role he preferred to that of traitor.

A Little Friend

This little scene was inspired by a few things… a picture prompt on the WriYe DreamWidth started it off, but I also know that chickadees actually will come pretty close if you imitate their whistle back at them.  The characters are two that will feature in my NaNo next month.


63-b1deb983b0Eoin heard a familiar whistle from a nearby tree and looked up, a smile already forming on his lips.  “Hello, little friend,” he said, his voice soft.

The little bird whistled again.  Chuckling softly, Eoin imitated the whistle.  He wasn’t at all surprised when the little bird flew to a closer branch.  He continued whistling back and forth with the little bird, each time drawing it just a bit closer.

It was nearly close enough that he could have reached out and touched it when it suddenly spooked and flew away.  Frowning, he glanced over one shoulder.  He wasn’t very surprised to see his lieutenant standing behind him.

“If you’re quite done, Captain,” Clancy said, giving him a sunny smile, “there’s some paperwork that requires your attention.”

“Of course,” Eoin said, his tone honey-sweet.  He spun on his heel and swept back into the building where he worked.  Even the birds knew that Clancy wasn’t as good as he appeared.  Why was it that he had everyone else in Lord Aren’s service fooled?