Cannon Thumps

This story is both my attempt at July’s genre stretch (Regency) and an answer to a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (the title).  It’s the last chapter of my Genre Stretch story – set after all the action has ended and things are starting to go back to normal.


With the successful completion of the case, Lachlan and Ezra were both given some time off.  The captain told them that it was because they deserved a break.  Lachlan wondered if it was more to give everyone else a break from them.  After all, there had been quite the shakeup among the peacekeepers.  It wouldn’t ever be quite the same for anyone.

Ezra had taken his young daughter and headed to the south of France for a beach-side holiday.  Lachlan, however, had other ideas of what was relaxing.  He left London for the Highlands of Scotland that had been his home for so long.  It was good to be among the pack again.  After all, they were his family.  Even if he was ready to start a new path, they would always have a special place in his heart.

Actually, Lachlan was glad to get away from the city.  The mountains were quieter and things seemed to move at an easier pace.  It was, as their captain had said, a chance to relax.  So far from London, he was also away from the memories of what was probably the troublesome case of his career so far.  Of course, his career hadn’t been very long yet.  Hopefully, it would come to be the most troublesome case he’d ever have to face.


Something Unexpected

This is the first DreamWidth prompt that I’ve answered for the year. The word prompt was “Bikini” and I had a bit of trouble figuring out how I could use such a word in my current “playgrounds”. Ultimately, I ended up choosing two of my little werewolf characters. Lachlan and Esther are a cute couple… fun to write. Being werewolves, imagine this as a moonlight swim (although, not the full moon).


Lachlan had seen many things in his life. You didn’t live for hundreds of years without that being the case. However, he had to say something about the current era: the idea of what constituted proper swimwear had come very nearly full circle.

When he’d been young, people didn’t swim very often. In fact, most people didn’t know how. However, when they went into the water, they generally wore nothing at all. Somewhere along the way, people had decided that even seeing flesh could give you improper – even sinful ideas – about other people.

Now, the pendulum had swung back the other way and he couldn’t say that he was too disappointed in the trend. He hadn’t expected Esther to embrace the change so readily, however. He smiled faintly as his eyes drifted up and down her form. Finally, he met her eyes and smiled. “What do they call that?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

Esther grinned, her gold-brown eyes twinkling with mirth. “It’s a bikini,” she said. She chuckled softly and then shook her head. “Don’t have to ask whether or not you like it, do I?” Then, she spun away from him to head towards the water.

“You don’t,” he said, shaking his head.

Lightning and Fireflies

Another section of Samuel’s story, although Samuel isn’t actually in this section.  It was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


It was fully dark when the pack emerged from the den that Tobias had chosen.  Joshua scanned the horizon and then scented the air.  He glanced back at the others.  They were already shedding their clothing.  He followed suit and then, together, the group took on their lupine forms.prompt-100

Joshua released a soft howl and then he set out through the low grasses with the rest of the pack following.  Clouds had gathered overhead since he had found the missing member of the pack.  Lightning flashed overhead and then there was a low rumble of thunder.

Peter echoed the rumble with a low growl.  Joshua glanced back at his beta, his tongue lolling out in wolfish laughter.  Do you think you can scare the thunderclouds away, Sharpclaw?

Slinking lower, Peter ignored the question.  He moved out into the fields, where tiny pixies darted through the night like fireflies.  If they were in their human forms, they’d be elfshot in moments.  However, pixies didn’t pay animals any mind.

Esther drew up beside him, her golden eyes bright even in the dark night.  Will you let the pup join our hunts, alpha?

Joshua considered her question for a moment before he answered.  If he shows that I can trust him not to flee the pack the moment he’s allowed from the den, he said, finally.

Esther didn’t seem very pleased with the answer, but she better than to argue with the pack’s alpha.  A soft whine escaped her.

Don’t be too concerned, Goldeyes, he added.  I won’t leave him to starve.  We’ll bring food back for him and Ghosthowl.

His answer seemed to satisfy her.  She barked softly and then joined the others that were search the field for scent of prey.  Bartholomew was the first to pick up a scent.  He barked to the rest of the pack and then they were following the trail of deer through the fields.

They found the herd bedding down in a thicket.  Keeping upwind, the pack formed a semicircle around their prey.  They would only need one or two of the animals to feed their numbers.  The pack was relatively small, after all.