Man is born to live

For some reason, this quote (a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth) reminded me of a scene from my current NaNo, so… here it is.


“From here, we’ll break into teams,” Clancy said. He glanced at the groups. “Ilsa, Johannes and Dermot are one group. Hannah, Friedrich and Konrad can come with me.”

As they nodded, Konrad shoved Dermot over to Johannes. “Make sure the little foxy stays close, won’t you, Johannes?” he said, smirking.

Hartmann favored him with a glare. Then, they were moving away from the others, with Ilsa by their sides. In a soft voice, Hartmann said, “We’re to go to the second division’s headquarters.”

Dermot bit his lip. “How…” he trailed off before he could ask exactly how they were going to visit the curse on everyone there when neither of them could use such magic and Dermot wasn’t familiar with the spell.

“Ilsa,” Hartmann said, his voice faint. It was clear that he’d both guessed the question that Dermot had nearly asked and that he didn’t want the woman to know he’d said anything.

At the same time, Dermot’s mind was whirling. He glanced over at the woman. She was an apparition, no doubt about it. How was it possible for her to use the same magic as the Fomorians did? Was it possible that they weren’t so different from each other after all? He glanced up at Hartmann. “What do I do?” he breathed.

“Focus on the task at hand,” Hartmann said, his voice soft. “You are here to make us invisible to their sight. Focus yourself on that and do what you can.”

Dermot swallowed thickly and squeezed his eyes closed. He struggled for a moment to read between the lines of what Hartmann had said. Surely, if the man was to be trusted, then he didn’t truly want Dermot to succeed in the task. What did he intend, however?

What if, instead of making them unseeable to the Hunters, he made Ilsa more visible to their eyes? He took a shuddering breath and then glanced at her through narrowed lids. He focused his entire attention the woman. Everything else seemed to fade into the background. She was all Dermot could see, all he could hear. Ilsa Heinrich was his entire world.

The effect was immediate. Dermot blinked in surprise as people began pointing out the woman. Ilsa whirled on Dermot with a growl. “What did you do?” she shrieked, as members of the second division converged on them. She thrust out one hand and Dermot felt pain erupt in his abdomen. As he crumpled to the ground, the Hunters reached them. Caitlyn’s staff flashed out and caught Ilsa under the chin. Her head snapped back and she dropped to the ground.

As Hartmann eased Dermot to the ground, he was rewarded the view of Ilsa Heinrich lying dangerously still beside him.

“Do no’ pull tha’ out,” a firm voice said. The accent was far thicker than normal. Then Ronan was leaning over Dermot, clutching his cheeks. “Help’s on the way, Derry. Just stay with me.”

Dermot released a shuddering breath and looked down at his body. Immediately, he could see the source of the pain. He blinked away tears that filled his eyes. “We don’t have time for this,” he said, his voice strained. “Clancy… the others.”

“I’ll take care of them, little one,” Hartmann said, as he eased Dermot flat onto his back. He turned to Ronan and nodded. “Stay with him.”