Waiting In Darkness, Part 5

When they arrived on the scene, they could see that a group of monsters that numbered somewhere near a couple dozen had Chris and Jewel surrounded. Chris was holding them at bay with a shield, but Connor knew there was only so long he could keep that up.



Waiting In Darkness, Part 3

Connor breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled into the garage underneath the Agency tower. He parked his car in its usual space and got out. He locked the vehicle up, all while chewing on his lip nervously. What was going on? Some sort of spell, Chris had said, and he’d mentioned attacks.

Suppressing a shiver, Connor head towards the elevator that would bring him up to the floor where he worked. Hopefully, Chris could explain it to him when he got there. He walked briskly, with his head down, focusing on the task of getting to the elevator.



Connor leapt into action. He threw several glyphs towards the monsters. Each one exploded on impact. The few that were left standing, turned away from their would-be victims. He smiled faintly and fell back several feet.

As soon as they were in position, Gregory activated his spell. The monsters seized as the lightning swept through their bodies. Then, they dropped to the ground. “Nice,” Gregory said, smirking.

Connor nodded and looked over at Chris and Jewel. “Y’all all right?” he asked, blinking.

Chris stared at him for a moment. Jewel chuckled and reached over to touch his chin. As he shut his mouth, she grinned. “Thanks for the rescue, Connie.”