Trenton leaned over towards Keenan. “Why does that girl at the table with the Misguided Ghosts look familiar?” he asked.

“Haruko’s dear little girl,” Keenan said, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. A part of him – the paranoid part – worried that Haruko had sent her to the camp to spy on him. Then, he reminded himself that Haruko didn’t know he was there. She was just a camper with an unfortunate relationship with someone he hated. After a moment, he added, “Her name’s Kaylee.”

“We’ll see just how much like her father she is,” Trenton said, nodding.

Bertram shook his head. “She looks a great deal like her mother,” he said. “I’ve never had any complaints about Clover. Maybe Kaylee takes after her mother in more than looks?”

“God, help the child if she doesn’t,” Tiana said. She chuckled softly and shook her head, mumbling something about uncharitable thoughts.