The Bear!

This scene was insane fun to write!


Alexander ducked into a room with Raven close behind him.  Then, he slammed the door shut.  He had just enough time to get out of the way before Raven shoved a table up against the door.  “Oh, my God,” he breathed, as a crash reverberated outside the door.  He looked at Raven and shook his head.  “It just doesn’t quit!”

Raven gave a nervous laugh and then screamed when the door shook with the force of the thing outside attacking.  “Go away,” she screamed.

Giving a weak chuckle, Alexander said, “Go away?  Is that all you’ve got?”  The beast outside let out a vicious roar and he looked around for some kind of weapon.  “Never mind,” he added, as she began piling more furnishings against the door.

“Al?  Raven?” a voice said.  It took Alexander a moment to realize that the call was coming from his wrist-comm.

Tensing, he hit the button.  As before, it chirped twice and then fell silent.  “Are you kidding me?” he rasped.  He tugged the wrist-comm free and slapped it on the table.  Then, he hit the button again.  “Kit,” he cried when the wrist-comm made the single chirp that indicated it had opened a comm-line between them.

“Al?” Kit said, sounding surprised.  “Where are you and Raven?  What’s your status?  Why haven’t you answered?”

“The stupid wrist-comm clearly wanted a bear to eat us,” Alexander said, when the door shook under another attack from the beast outside.  He glanced around and then heaved a sigh.  “We’ve locked ourselves in a room – the record’s room, by the looks of it.  There’s a vicious bear outside – in the corridor, that is.”

“Are either of you hurt?” Calleigh asked.  She sounded a bit out of breath.  Obviously, they were running to get to the town hall.

“We’re fine,” Raven said, shaking her head.  She gave a weak laugh when the door cracked under the constant onslaught from the bear.  An enormous paw reached through the crack and flailed around for a moment as the bear tried to reach them.  As the paw withdrew, Raven said, “Go away!”

“We’ll be there in a few,” Kit said, his tone strained.

Alexander heaved a sigh of relief.  “Our weapons don’t seem to work on it,” he warned them.  “I don’t know what the bears on Anchorage have been eating, but they shake off our lightning guns like they’re nothing more than a bee sting.”

“Hurry,” Raven said, as the bear reached in and grabbed the door, trying to break the opening wider.  She grabbed a ruler off the wall where it was hanging and struck the beast in the paw.  It roared and pulled away.  When its face appeared in the opening, Raven poked it in the eye.  That time, it pulled away with a cry of pain.

“He’s huge,” Matthew cried from outside the room.  This was followed by the sound of several shots from their lightning guns.

Alexander rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, those don’t work so well,” he called.  He looked at Raven and shook his head.  “I’m fairly sure that I mentioned that.”

“You did,” she grimaced. Shouting through the opened, she said, “Don’t die on us, guys!  Once it finishes with you, it’ll come after us again.”

“Actually, this might be our chance to escape,” Alexander said, shrugging.  “When there’s a bear chasing you, you don’t have to outrun the bear, after all.”

“Right, just the people with you,” she finished smirking.


Watching and Waiting

Ophelia frowned slightly at Alexander. He was the only member of the main crew – those that were with the Agency – that had yet to come to her for advice or counseling. She could tell there was something on his mind, but he seemed afraid to tell her.

Alexander seemed to notice her scrutiny. He looked over at her, scowling. “Why are you always… staring at me?” he asked, a faint flush staining his cheeks.

“Well,” Ophelia said, stepping closer, “you seem to have something on your mind. I just… I’m waiting for you to tell me what it might be.”

Like a virgin touched for the thirty-first time

Alexander came careening out of the room with so much speed that he nearly knocked Robin down. For a moment, their eyes met and Robin saw the tears standing there. He sighed and then looked over at the captain.

“What happened?” Kit said, shaking his head. He looked shocked, as well as worried.

Robin’s hands clenched into fists. “Al’s an Innocent,” he said. “Who knows what set him off.”

“Find out?” Kit suggested.

“I intended to,” Robin growled, as he strode towards the room out of which Alexander had run.

“I meant…” Kit started, as the doors slid open and Robin stepped in. They snapped shut, but the sound of angry shouts came through. “From him?”

The only thing he could make out in Robin’s angry tirade was “Who do you think you are?” If that was how Robin meant to talk to a delegation from another world… Kit definitely needed to defuse the situation.

Kit sighed and looked Ophelia. “Talk to Al,” he said. “I’ll keep Robin from committing homicide.” He didn’t wait for her answer. He merely strode into the room with an airy smile.