New Home

A little scene with some new characters inspired by a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (multitude of books).


Rainer was exploring what would be his new home.  So far, he’d only seen the bedrooms, the bath, the foyer and the dining room, not to mention the corridors between them.  However, he knew there was far more to the house than the few places he’d visited.

He started out on the first level.  In one room, through a door off the dining room, he found the kitchen.  Miss Kateryna was hard at work in there, so he left without saying anything to her.  He headed into the corridor that led to the foyer and found another room.  Peering inside, he found that it was a cozy sitting room.  It looked like the sort of place where you might entertain guests who had come by for afternoon tea.  He chuckled at the thought and shook it away.  People didn’t have afternoon tea anymore.

He moved to a room across the foyer from the sitting room and froze in the doorway.  The room was clearly some kind of office or study.  The only place Rainer had ever seen so many books was in the school library.  He slipped into the room and began glancing over the bindings.

Nearly all of them had writing that he couldn’t make heads or tails of and he sighed.  It was like being adrift at sea without drinkable water.  He was surrounded by books that he couldn’t read.  He grabbed one at random and began paging through it.  If he couldn’t read it, maybe he could look at the pictures.

“Can I help you, sir?” a soft voice said.

Rainer turned towards the voice, even as he tucked the book back onto the shelf.  “Hello, Pavel,” he said, grimacing.  He heaved a sigh and waved around at the multitude of books.  “I… can’t read Velegradian.”

Pavel’s eyes widened and he slipped into the room.  He moved over to a side of the room that Rainer hadn’t explored yet.  “These books are written in Alamanni,” he said, waving at one set of shelves.  He looked back at Rainer.  “You can read that language, yes?”

“Yes,” Rainer said, grinning.  Their father had made sure they were fluent in the language of his homeland.  He stepped over to the shelves and grinned at the familiar writing.  It was like seeing an old friend.  Snatching one of the books down, he moved over to an overstuffed chair near the window and settled down to read.  Exploring could wait until later.  For now, he was in his element.