An Unexpected Fear

A little scene that I wrote between Robin and Julian.  I really like how it turned out…


Julian frowned slightly as he glanced over at Robin.  He was a member of the engineering team and Robin was a member of the morale team.  Which made Julian have to wonder what Captain Locksley was thinking.  He shook his head and then leaned over closer to the man beside him.  “What are an engineer and a steward doing being sent to explore a deserted colony?” he whispered.

“Hell, if I know,” Robin breathed back, shaking his head.  He chuckled wryly and then shrugged.  “I figured that the captain wanted to get me as far from Lieutenant Johnson as he possibly could,” he added. Arching a brow at Julian, he said, “Have you been at odds with someone since joining the crew?”

Grimacing, Julian nodded.  “Roberts,” he said, his voice strained.  Even though most of the people from Alistair had made amends with him, Roberts still didn’t care for him or even trust him.  He seemed to take great joy in baiting Julian – poking at him until Julian had taken all he could take and lashed out in anger.  Then, almost without fail, Gretchen would end up scolding Julian for fighting.

“So, are we being punished or are they trying to see whether or not we’re the troublemakers?” Julian asked, arching his brows.

Robin chuckled wryly once again.  “Bit a both,” he said, shrugging.  Then, the light telling them to keep their seat restraints locked went out.  Without waiting for a word from Ken Holmes, Robin loosened his belt and stood.  He shrugged when the other man frowned at him.  “Call it claustrophobia, Commander,” he said.  “I was at the edge of my endurance when it came to being….” he trailed off, waving at the restraints.

“Fair enough,” Holmes said, nodding.  He shrugged and added, “You’ll just have to put it back on when we get ready to land.  There’s not much point in wandering too far from you seat.”

“Be that as it may,” Robin said, shrugging.  He stepped over to one of the cabinets and slid it opened.  He grabbed two water capsules and held one out to Julian.  “Are you thirsty, Mr. Southmaid?” he asked.

“No, thank you,” Julian said, shaking his head.  He smiled when Robin offered the capsule to the other members of the away team.

Schuyler smiled brightly, accepting the capsule.  “Are you thirsty, Carlisle?” he asked, glancing up at his companion.

Frowning, Carlisle shook his head.  “I am not,” he said, his voice soft.  Then, he glanced at Julian before looking back at Schuyler.  Bowing his head, he added, “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Schuyler replied, grinning.  He opened the capsule and began sipping from it.

Afraid of What?

Another fear-related prompt (write about an unusual fear).  Playing with these is really helping me get ready for NaNo.


“Trees,” Ryan said, without looking up from the datapad on which he was typing.  When Donna made a curious sound, he did look up.

She was looking at him with an expression of complete surprise.  “How… can you be afraid of trees?”

He set the datapad on the console.  “I grew up at Windstar Station,” he said, shrugging.  “The first time that I saw a forest – a real forest, not one in a book – I was curious enough to explore it.”  He shrugged.  “I got lost.”

Donna blinked at him for a moment.  Then, she nodded.  “When you put it that way, it actually makes sense to be afraid of trees,” she said.

“It doesn’t help that my father told me about trees that could eat people or, sometimes, do even worse things,” Ryan said, as he took up his datapad again.  “I never could figure out if he was just trying to keep me from doing it again or if he was serious.”

Robin grimaced.  Ryan did not need to know that his father was being perfectly serious about man-eating trees.  In a soft voice, he said, “I’m afraid of spiders.”

You can get there from here

Alexander shifted nervously from one foot to the other. It was always the same when he came to any of the spaceports or stations. There were so many people and so much activity. The moment Robin was out of sight, he’d feel fear bubbling up inside him.

“Excuse me,” a soft voice said.

Alexander looked over his shoulder and blinked. The man was about his height. His messy blond hair fell into his face a bit. Thick brows were drawn low over green eyes. Alexander couldn’t place him, but he was clearly not local.

“Can I help you?” Alexander said, blinking.

The man smiled. “They told me that I could find passage to… Farbird Station from here?” he said, looking a bit nervous.

Alexander nodded. “You can go practically anywhere in the universe from here,” he said. His brows furrowed and he pointed over at the ticket window. “They’ll be able to tell you when the next ship to Farbird Station will be heading out.”

“Thank you,” the man said. Then, he scampered off.

Alexander blinked and then smiled when he saw Robin moving towards him through a break in the crowd. The momentary distraction was all he needed. Now, he wasn’t afraid anymore.

You Never Know

Robin tried to avoid David. He knew the scientist didn’t trust him – didn’t like him. However, no matter what he did, David would find him and start trouble. It seemed that it would always be that way.

Then, they encountered the varikans. Robin, because of Alexander, was the only member of the crew that had a chance of escaping. He’d done his best to rescue the others. That had eased the tension between them.

“Did he really think I’d abandon them?” he asked later.

Alexander just shrugged. “I suppose he did,” he said. “He doesn’t know you like I do.”

Watching You, Watching Me

Donna frowned slightly and glanced over at Robin. For a moment, their eyes met. Then, he ducked his head and focused on his work. They’d done this a few times. He seemed to be watching her when he thought she wouldn’t notice.

She twisted her hair thoughtfully. He was handsome enough, but she knew so little about him. She didn’t realize that she was staring until he looked up and their eyes met again. He smiled and then looked away.

“Caught you staring,” he murmured, chuckling.

Donna laughed. “It’s only fair,” she said, “I’ve caught you staring a few times.”


Alexander stared out through the porthole, down at Ekudo. They were leaving their only home far behind. With this mission, it would be years before they returned. That was, Robin insisted, the only way to truly be safe from Keller.

“All right, Al?” Robin said, his voice soft.

Glancing over his shoulder, Alexander nodded. “I don’t like keeping secrets,” he said, his voice soft. “I feel like… what would happen if we told them?”

Robin sighed and shook his head. “I’d be arrested, at least,” he said, his voice faint. He shook his head again. “Just keep the secret, Al.”

A Matter of Principles

Something about Robin didn’t set right with David. He played the part of the fool. He was loud and boisterous. He dressed flamboyantly. All eyes were drawn to him. People immediately liked him.

However, there was something about him. The way his eyes would shift so that he wasn’t quite meeting the captain’s eyes. That he never spoke of his past. It made David suspect that there was much more to Robin than met the eye.

There was something dangerous about him. David was determined to figure out just what it was. It was the principle of the thing now.

It’s always something

Ken hurried through the corridors toward the mess. He couldn’t help a growl of frustration as he came upon the scene. Robin and David were at it… again. It seemed like he spent most of his day breaking up fights between the two.

He waded through the onlookers. Then, in spite of his smaller size, he shoved the pair apart. “Stop it,” he snapped. Robin backed off, but David wasn’t done. Ken turned to face him.

“He started,” David said, taking a step back.

Robin gasped. “I started?”

“I’m finishing it!” Ken snapped. “It’s done, or else!” Neither one argued.

Going Nowhere

Prompt: wanderer broken down before the wind

Robin frowned at the sails. They were billowing cheerfully in the wind and yet, for some reason, the ship wasn’t moving. It was exactly counter to what was meant to happen. He glanced over his shoulder at Alexander. “Why aren’t we moving?”

“Wind’s are wrong,” Alexander said, staring up at the sails. He looked at Robin and shrugged. “The magic current is flowing opposite the direction the winds are going and we’re meant to go with that current.”

“So,” Robin said, looking up at the sails once more. “Even though the sails are full, the ship doesn’t use them for propulsion, so we aren’t moving.”

“Basically,” Alexander agreed.

Robin bit off a laugh. “It’s like water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” he said. “We’ve got all the wind we could ask for, but it won’t do it any good.”

walk in empty places

Henry pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders as he made his way home. It was late. Normally, he’d be snuggled up in bed already. He hadn’t expected Cassidy’s memorial service – and the party that followed – to run so long.

The street was deserted at this time of night. It wasn’t a bad neighborhood, but he was still tense – expecting an attack at any moment. He heard a noise behind him and gasped. He glanced over his shoulder, squinting into the darkness. He couldn’t see anything, but he’d heard something.

He turned away and bit his lip. As he started along the walk once more, Joram’s words echoed in his mind. “I believe Cassidy was targeted because of her position on the High Court,” he’d said. Suddenly, Henry was scared.

He broke into a run. He was fast when he wanted to be – when he didn’t have Eishi or Barnabas telling him that a judge should move with poise. Poise didn’t matter now. Getting home was all that was important.

Henry slid to a stop in front of the hotel where he lived. The doorman was standing in the light of the doorway. He strode briskly up the walk and into the light, then he glanced back over his shoulder. He couldn’t see anything.

“Your honor?” the doorman said. “Are you all right?”

Grimacing, Henry nodded. “Better now I’m home,” he said. He bit his lip and, with a polite nod of his head, turned and headed inside. He’d call his cousin when he got upstairs. Robin would either tell him it was his imagination or have someone check things out. Either way, Henry would feel better.

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