this light they are so dazzled with

It was as if thousands of glowing eyes stared at him out of the darkness. Ezra was frozen, not with fear. It was the knowledge that one false move would bring these cats down upon him. They were tiny, harmless-looking creatures. However, they were the most venomous animal in all of Shynia.

“Why are they staring like that?” Chris whispered.

His voice had trembled just a bit. Maybe Ezra should be afraid? Somehow, though, he couldn’t be. “The light,” he said, his voice soft and steady. He took a deep breath and sent the light floating out over the field ahead of them.

As the light glided out over the meadow, the little cats slipped out of their burrows. One by one, they followed it, entranced by the glow and the movement.

Ezra looked at Chris. “That won’t distract them for long,” he said, his tone briskly business-like. “We need to get out there and get the body before they return.”

“We’re pretty sure of what happened, though, aren’t we?” Chris said, as he hurried forward. He grimaced as he drew near. “What part of ‘off limits’ do people not get?”

“Happens every year,” Winnie said, shrugging.

Ezra grimaced. “Can we get the body and leave?” he said, glancing out over the field. The cats were taking turns leaping at the light now. He moved it around to keep their interest there. “They will soon tire of their game, after all.”

“Right,” Chris and Winnie said together.


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